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  • The scientists are enthusiastic.
  • That is the explanation of the scientists.
  • The scientists were over his head in short order.
  • It was late night before the scientists were satisfied.
  • Sure, and the priests were as wrong as the scientists.
  • Santos was friendly, and very sad about the scientists.
  • We all believe it, even the scientists who scoff.
  • The scientists waited, obviously wanting to know more.
  • But, even so, the scientists are baffled by many of them.
  • Her father was one of the Scientists.
  • The scientists say that Venus is calling.
  • The scientists greeted Rick happily.
  • The scientists, however, were not even remotely interested.
  • The scientists!
  • The scientists describe their task in terms that should be familiar.
  • The scientists rejected the idea that it came from trouble in the circuit.
  • The Scientists.
  • That's it, that bridge and the scientists!
  • I am pleased to know that the scientists find my science accurate.
  • The scientists had said that the old ethical and spiritual values were dead.
  • The scientists were not only colleagues, but close personal friends.
  • The scientists tell us that by a law of nature no force is ever lost.
  • Somebody, they discovered, was picking the brains of the scientists there.
  • He might have been a plant, to betray the scientists to the unknown kidnapers.
  • The waters flooded both Valla and the Scientists' City.
  • That could also mean the scientists weren't even on the island.

How To Use The Scientists In A Sentence?

  • Now all that remained was to make their way down to within reach of the scientists.
  • He guessed the scientists must be in a cave under the rock on which he crouched.
  • Interest in the mechanics of voice production was confined almost entirely to the scientists.
  • They not unfrequently get at truths in a rude way long before the scientists do.
  • These were the scientists, artists and other members from the intellectual community.
  • The thought came to me to kill this man and so to escape and make cause with the scientists.
  • Had the pirates removed the scientists, leaving the lookout in his usual position?
  • No requests for ransom had been made, and the scientists had no known personal enemies.
  • But if the scientists grope doubtingly in these twilights of history, the romancers relate boldly.
  • The thing that sticks in my craw is, how come only two of the scientists got hit?
  • In spite of the absence of proofs, such ideas became current among the scientists of the day.
  • Moreover, he was in advance, in the certainty of his expressions, of the scientists of his day.
  • Rick and Scotty sat on a library table, while the scientists occupied the few library chairs.
  • The scientists know too much about the sciences, or at least of them, while I know too little.
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