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  • The fellow who stole the securities from the bank.
  • As to the securities, they were torn up.
  • Only half the securities could be called speculative.
  • The securities in the name of her daughter Anna had likewise disappeared.
  • Mr. Rhett should have returned the securities to our vault in the basement.
  • You purposed to transfer the securities to yourself as James Russell?

How To Use The Securities In A Sentence?

  • She herself has selected the securities that are to make up this initial payment.
  • There is a great deal of money gone, and some of the securities left are pledged for loans.
  • Upon my request for the return of the securities, he handed me an envelope identical with that in which the bonds had been placed.
  • Moreover, a part of the securities had actually been moved when the worst slump came and they needed more.
  • I had repaid the amount of the loan, received the securities, and found them all in excellent order.
  • Obviously, if goods were more carefully used, more could be saved and invested in the securities thus being indirectly urged.
  • The securities were in piles, strapped with rubber bands, and bore slips on which were written the names of the owners.
  • That night as he put the securities from the "loan cage" back in the vault the bonds burned his fingers.
  • The securities might fall in value, the institutions might go out of existence, and there were dividends to be collected or they would accumulate.
  • To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States.
  • Why has congress the power to provide for punishing the counterfeiting of the securities and coin of the United States?
  • To provide for the punishment of counterfeiting the securities and current coin of the United States; 7.
  • Even the expedient of using some of the ancestral capital became difficult where there was no market for the securities which the people wished to sell.
  • I may add that the securities guaranteeing this amount have been submitted to Mrs. Tresslyn and she has found them to be gilt-edged.
  • The securities immediately fall in value and are perhaps bought up by a syndicate of crafty speculators who are permitted to reorganise the road and its management.
  • It seemed to me it would be safer to have the securities upon my person than in a bag that might be snatched from me; but apparently my logic was at fault.
  • Of course, on such an occasion a complete examination would be made of all the securities and there would be practically no chance to deceive the accountants.
  • Sometimes the placing of a new issue abroad means such immediate drawing of drafts on foreign buyers of the securities as to depress the exchange market sharply.
  • At his death the securities were to be delivered to her without recourse to the courts, and were to be free of the death tax, which was to be paid from the residue of the estate.
  • Frigidly, mechanically, Nettlewick examined the securities, found them to tally with the notes, gathered his black wallet, and rose to depart.
  • I had to know of the carrying out of your original intention towards Janet Mac Kelpie, for the securities had to be transferred.
  • The buyer should make sure that the road is in a busy community able to sustain it, that its franchise will protect it from dangerous competition, and that the securities have been legally issued.
  • I waited one year before I did anything with the securities, then I changed all the foreign investments into American securities.
  • Probably not less than half of the securities of these companies are owned by the Vanderbilt family, and it is well known that their investments are by no means confined to railways.
  • A large number of unregistered bonds belonging to the Rovers had mysteriously disappeared, and all the boys went on a hunt to recover the securities.
  • Of the securities that are offered with first-class recommendations it is probable that about one third are actually good, one third have some value, and one third are practically worthless.
  • By the reports of the Treasurer, which were the basis of the monthly statements, the debt was represented by the securities actually issued after deducting those which had been redeemed.
  • As usual, however, in such cases, the securities are not readily marketable, and your interest in some ventures could hardly be summarily realized at any sacrifice.
  • There are times when heavy flotations of bonds are being made here with Europe participating largely, at which times the exchange drawn against the securities placed abroad mounts up enormously in volume.
  • Heavy bail had been offered for the unhappy youth's reappearance before the court, and the securities had been accepted.
  • Every morning John carried up all these piles to the loan cage--except the securities on deposit.
  • It consists of fourteen millions in the securities of the National Mortgage and Security Company of Jampole, Mississippi.
  • Utica came back with an offer of terminal lands at $200 an acre and proffered a subscription of $650,000 to the securities of the Black River & Utica.
  • Another suspicious circumstance that I have omitted to notice in its place was that the Guilford solicitor tendered bail for the prisoners to any reasonable amount, and named Enoch Jackson as one of the securities.
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