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  • It was the seller of dreams.
  • The seller had natural feelings.
  • Nor is the seller alone culpable.
  • Is it incumbent on the seller to impart to the buyer his superior knowledge?
  • Neither would it appear that the seller suffers any monetary loss.
  • Of course, such a transaction is a fraud on the part of the seller.
  • Such at least is the poetical version of a crooked rug as the seller tells it.
  • The seller and the buyer each dwells naturally upon his own idea of value.
  • The seller said he was quiet enough,' said the doctor.
  • You love Christ, I am sure; but what about Judas, the seller of Christ?

How To Use The Seller In A Sentence?

  • By what means were these pieces of silver obtained from the seller of that field?
  • It did not require three eyes to see that the seller was one of his lieutenants.
  • There are no words as to price, that being as well known to the buyer as to the seller.
  • Incidentally, the seller and the auctioneer gain the fair profits of competition.
  • In both cases, the buyer had the right to place the goods at the disposal of the seller.
  • In negotiating for a small purchase, the price named by the seller was two bits.
  • Very often the indigo belongs to four or five owners, who all come in the wake of the seller.
  • Being the only witness, I was closely interrogated by the umpire, the buyer, and the seller.
  • The seller of the arts may be called an art-seller; the seller of virtue, a Sophist.
  • The seller in the picture is not, however, an Albanian, but a Turk from Anatolia.
  • For some reason or other the buyer did not make any inquiry of the seller, or if he did was not told.
  • But in the vast majority of cases the regular course is followed and the seller here draws on the buyer there.
  • The buyer insisted that the basket was included, and the seller shrieked frantically that it was not.
  • When it happened that the seller was proved to have been the thief, the capital penalty was imposed.
  • The law assumes whenever such a deed is given that the seller received a consideration for his land.
  • These special pieces in the high-priced bales give the seller his legitimate opportunity and profit.
  • She was unsound in several places and the seller put her in such a position that her defects could not be readily found out.
  • Suppose a horse has the heaves or the rheumatism, which is known to the seller but of which the buyer has no knowledge whatever.
  • But after purchasing the picture the buyer learned that he was mistaken and that the seller knew this at the time of making the sale.
  • The seller knew perfectly well that the picture did not come from that collection and that the buyer was acting under a delusion.
  • The money paid was a consideration received by the seller, and the land was the consideration received by the buyer.
  • If sold under it, it is cheap to the buyer by exactly so much as the seller loses, and no more.
  • Furthermore, the buyer doubtless often knows quite as much about the things he purchases as the seller.
  • In what case, when there is a judgment against the seller, would a sale of personal property be fraudulent?
  • And where friendship furnishes the basis of business the buyer will protect the seller in return for uniform good treatment on his part.
  • I suppose the fact that the purchaser of jewellery has got to catch a train may give him some occult advantage over the seller.
  • A proper way is, if the transaction be an important one, to have the warranty in writing and signed by the seller.
  • The law says that the buyer ought to be able to see such a defect quite as readily as the seller, and if he does not the fault is his own.
  • He offers a sum in excess of the real value in order to shorten the ordeal, and by doing so only excites the seller to greater cupidity.
  • This waste will reflect itself in needlessly high prices which, while they mulct the buyer, bring the seller little gain.
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