The Shelter In A Sentence

How To Use The Shelter In A Sentence?

  • Involuntarily he stepped from the shelter of a pillar behind which he had been standing.
  • The sailors congratulated themselves on the shelter provided by the deck overhead.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Shelter | The Shelter Sentence

  • The shelter was the immediate thing.
  • But once in the shelter of the citadel and we were safe.
  • I am always the shelter for your sins.
  • Then they withdrew into the shelter of the forest.
  • Now what do we find under the shelter of the oak?
  • Under the shelter of so broad a shield.
  • They moved on under the shelter of the trees.
  • At least they had the shelter of the house.
  • With this exception they did not stir out of the shelter.
  • There was a dim oil-lamp in the shelter.
  • Our division was massed under the shelter of a hill.
  • Margery into the shelter of his strong arms as he spoke.
  • Away we scamper to the shelter of the overhanging rocks.
  • In the front of the shelter was a narrow slit.
  • And the shelter was so bad that the rain came through.
  • They pulled the boat into the shelter of some rocks.
  • He had offered this foreigner the shelter of his home.
  • It was smooth and warm in the shelter that they made.
  • I was duly thankful for the shelter we had found.
  • He moved back into the shelter of a clump of brush.
  • I took it out and found my way back to the shelter.
  • She passed quickly to the shelter of the pillared portico.
  • The shelter seemed but half its former dimensions.
  • She quietly slipped behind the shelter of a pillar.
  • He rose and tried to crawl to the shelter of the doorway.
  • We sought the shelter of spruces for a while, and waited.
  • Then, from the shelter of the bushes out stepped a girl.
  • We are safe only in the shelter of His presence.
  • From the shelter of a hollowed rock I watched it all.
  • Fascinated, Ann walked to the shelter offered.
  • You come along in and stand in the shelter, Hetty.
  • We all betook ourselves to the shelter of the nearest trees.
  • All were racing to the gates and the shelter of the battlements.
  • Harry started his horse up the steep in the shelter of the woods.
  • In this he dragged me to the shelter of an old tumbledown house.
  • I put out all lights and withdrew to the shelter of the island.
  • Within the shelter of its walls he hoped to sleep at peace again.
  • Under the shelter of his hat he tried to think himself clear.
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