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How To Use The Shots In A Sentence?

  • They tried it and found it easier now because they knew the mystery of the shots.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Shots | The Shots Sentence

  • None of the shots touched me.
  • She had heard the shots.
  • What had the shots meant?
  • One of the shots had struck him!
  • Heavier came the uproar of the shots below.
  • The constable had not heard the shots.
  • Some of the shots had passed entirely through her.
  • The shots did not take effect.
  • The shots entirely destroyed it.
  • Shrieks proclaimed that some of the shots had told.
  • One or two of the shots came so.
  • Another minute and even the shots had ceased.
  • A hollow laugh replied to the shots.
  • The shots and the shouts rose high.
  • Both men fell as the shots rang out.
  • Silence had followed the firing of the shots he had heard.
  • They could not see the person who had fired the shots.
  • But we must not dwell too long on the shots that missed.
  • And nearly all the shots hit, too.
  • In that case, how account for the shots?
  • He listened, trying to count the shots.
  • The forts replied, but most of the shots fell short.
  • The shots fell very close, but no hit was observed.
  • But the shots ceased, and the shouts came no nearer.
  • The enemy fired first, but all the shots went wild.
  • Later Muskwa heard the shots.
  • The shots of the Spaniards began to tell.
  • The Colonel felt satisfied, for the shots were very good.
  • The shots had told.
  • The shots blended.
  • Pleasanton replied with his battery but the shots fell very short.
  • They heard now the shots at the ford above them and a tremendous shouting.
  • Jason was already beginning to feel light-headed from the shots.
  • Apparently the shots fired at the aeroplane were unfortunately without result.
  • The shots now came with greater rapidity on board the frigate.
  • The little hillside actually shakes under the force of the shots.
  • Naturally, the conversation drifted to the shots fired at them from the alley.
  • Four horsemen were converging upon the bluff whence the shots had proceeded.
  • But the shots that winged the old-fashioned instrument had a greater result.
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