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  • How much more in the Sierra.
  • These valleys are called the Sierra.
  • Here the valley presents quite the Sierra character.
  • Boquillas wash in the Sierra del Carmen.
  • California, west of the Sierra Nevadas.
  • The Sierra is by far the most populous part of Peru.
  • Lake Tahoe lies countersunk on the very top of the Sierra.
  • The only fruit really belonging to the Sierra is the Tuna.
  • Vocabulary of the Sierra Blanco Apaches.
  • Higher parts of the Sierra Nevadas in California.
  • Sur in the Sierra del Carmen on September 7.
  • Middle parts of California, west of the Sierra Nevadas.
  • Southern half of California, west of the Sierra Nevadas.
  • Baker saw a Caracara in the Sierra del Pino (=6 mi.
  • Sur in Chuperosa Canyon in the Sierra del Carmen.
  • Dickerman saw one in the Sierra del Pino on May 12, 1954.
  • The Sierra Nevadas from Oregon to southern California.
  • The avifauna of the Sierra del Carmen of Coahuila, Mexico.
  • In the Sierra there are only two seasons throughout the year.
  • The quantity of that spirit annually transported to the Sierra exceeds belief.
  • On this road long trains of mules are frequently met coming from the Sierra.
  • He was the youngest child that walked over the Sierra Nevada.
  • He reported the species as breeding in the Sierra del Carmen.
  • This latter diversion is no less in favor in the Sierra than in Lima.
  • The Indians of the Sierra foothills have a curious use for the bulb.
  • So the dawn stole up and quivered on the snows of the Sierra Nevada.
  • The mountain wall of the Sierra bounds California on its eastern side.
  • From Lima two main roads lead to the Sierra or the mountains.
  • From the Sierra two separate roads lead to the eastern declivity of the Andes.

How To Use The Sierra In A Sentence?

  • This place may be regarded as the boundary-line between the coast and the Sierra.
  • However, it is most probable that the Sierra has both snow and white rock which resembles it.
  • All the roads running from the coast to the Sierra, present a similarity of character.
  • Some of the Sierra districts are celebrated throughout Peru for their abundance of fruit.
  • In the distance the high and forbidding ramparts of the Sierra Nevadas reared themselves.
  • There are far less cattle on the Sierra ranges in the Tahoe region than there are sheep.
  • In the Sierra the tombs are of stone, quadrangular, oval, or of an obelisk form.
  • He says: The dividing ridge of the Sierra is in sight from this encampment.
  • We know that there are cliff ruins in the Sierra Madre, but beyond this we know little.
  • On the horizon stretched the great range of snow-clad mountains, the Sierra Nevada.
  • From the wool of the sheep a coarse kind of cloth, called Bayeta, is made in the Sierra.
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