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  • Tobacco is grown extensively in the southeastern and eastern portions of the province.
  • Beyond the cross, the road narrowed and flanked one of the southeastern forts of the city.
  • In the southeastern theatre the situation to the east of Przemysl remains unchanged.
  • In the southeastern corner of the map was Jackson, close to which he meant to go.
  • Records of some reptiles and batrachians from the southeastern United States.
  • Description of a new softshell turtle from the southeastern United States.
  • Description of a new softshell turtle from the southeastern United States.
  • Description of a new softshell turtle from the southeastern United States.
  • It has been introduced into Europe and is occasionally met in parks in the Southeastern states.
  • In the southeastern United States the demand is perhaps greater than in other regions.
  • This small log structure stood near the southeastern shore of Cass Lake, Minnesota.
  • Those of the lighter series show a wave movement beginning in one of the easterly quadrants and more commonly in the southeastern.
  • Suddenly the ship shot downward from the southeastern limb of the storm, which almost reached the earth at this point.
  • It resolved itself into the perfectly reasonable conclusion that the colonel must have the one he had always slept in, the southeastern corner.
  • On the southeastern side, in the interior, there is a buttress or projection, which terminates the bench at this point.
  • In the early days of Minnesota its agricultural population was largely centered in the southeastern portion of the state.
  • When this area became arid, these species disappeared from all of Coahuila except from the high mountains in the southeastern part.
  • Under cover of night, the two Ganlook cannons were planted in a position commanding the southeastern city gate.
  • Their proper home was probably about the southeastern shore and islands of Green bay, where as early as 1670 they were again located.
  • In Kansas this kite seems to prefer open and even barren terrain, in contrast with its habitat in forests of the southeastern states.
  • A luminous cloud gathered above the chain of the Kandangs, which run along the southeastern coast of Java.
  • Her father had been a rich and powerful cazique, of Painalla, on the southeastern borders of the Mexican kingdom.
  • Typical representatives of this Black-eared Bushtit are present in the southeastern sector of Coahuila.
  • But ahead all the snow was most beautifully and delicately tinted from the reflection of the dawn on ragged shredded clouds that streamed across the southeastern sky.
  • And now, from the Southeastern end of Europe, there has come another supplicating voice, from another island.
  • In the southeastern part of the town stood the minster of St. Swithen strongly inclosed, and protected on the north by the river and marsh lands.
  • Cession by the same treaty of September 30, 1809; in the southeastern portion of the State; bounded on the map by yellow lines.
  • The entrance is at the southeastern end of the south transept, and it is used, on ordinary occasions, as the only free mode of access to the building.
  • On the southeastern side, at the point where the kiva comes nearest the edge of the cliff, there was a narrow opening or doorway not more than 15 inches wide.
  • When farms were opened in the southeastern counties of Minnesota it was not an unusual thing to be rewarded with a crop of from thirty to forty bushels of wheat to the acre.
  • French Indo-China occupies perhaps two-thirds of that great bay-window-shaped peninsula which protrudes from the southeastern corner of Asia.

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  • The second cache lay at the southeastern side of the ruin.
  • Parallel with the southeastern and southwestern palisades rifle-pits were dug.
  • The name of a point and a village on the southeastern coast of Bohol.
  • The Madras, the southeastern part, with most of the peninsula.
  • All Coahuilan records are from the southeastern part of the State.
  • Description of a new softshell turtle from the southeastern United States.
  • When a man from Juneau speaks of Alaska he means the southeastern coast.
  • This is another well-known Inn and Camp at the southeastern end of the Lake.
  • Whole of North America, east of the Rockies, except the southeastern portion.
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