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  • Some such strengthener as the super-position of suitable colours is therefore necessary.
  • They lend interest to life and at least keep us from forgetting the super (or sub) natural.
  • The "super" thought little of the hero he was to serve, and deemed his own duties slight enough.
  • If Olive noted the little pause, she had at least the super-feminine tact to ignore it.
  • The super-atomic-microscope, I noticed, had been altered almost out of recognition.
  • Elizabeth hid while I reported to the Super and traded in my time fuse for my master.
  • Liz Ramsay, an old maid and the super-gossip of Tarbonny, came into the schoolhouse this morning.
  • The second occasion was very prosaic and shockingly incongruous with the super-mundane colouring of these days.
  • The same state exists in the super-astral life; and the adept has an even deeper and more profound seclusion there in which to dwell.
  • The artistic temperament, then, is the super-sensitive, and by this very virtue it creates its own difficulties.
  • The super- virtuous girls you read about in books are always blaming their mothers for such marriages as mine, and so do the comic papers.
  • The only safeguard to wholesale infanticide was the test applied as to the super-human precociousness, or ordinary intelligence, of the children.
  • And so the years sped on, until the super-woman of other days could no longer fight off that incurable disease, old age.
  • In a manner it is the super-crank school, for everyone on the staff is teetotal, vegetarian, and a non-smoker.
  • The 'super' was here half an hour ago; but he's left, and gone out over the road.
  • Long were the discussions and criticisms of the "Super-creation" and the thoughts and ideas which had led to its conception.
  • The hydrate of baryta combines with the silicic acid, and forms the super-basic silicate of baryta, while the oxides become free.
  • Let the carpers say what they will, it is nevertheless only the super-earthly, be it ever so obscure, which charms and quiets the human heart.
  • In her desperate, overwrought determination Maggie had assumed for herself the super-mortal role of dea ex machina.
  • It is dreadfully good of the dead man, if not a unique photograph of actual death; but it lacks the least trace of the super- normal.
  • The spiritual experience is somewhat different, but it belongs to the same realm of the super-physical; and it is very far from Paganism.
  • The job requires it, or, at any rate, the "super" requires it, which is a slightly different matter.
  • Phyloptera: the super-ordinal term proposed to include all the net-veined orders, the Orthoptera and Dermatoptera.
  • They will undoubtedly harden to such an extent as to render the super-position of other colours a difficult matter, and their purity of tone will most probably be affected.
  • Had he chosen a contemporary hero or one less blessed with celestial relatives there is no reason to suppose that he would have employed the super-human personages at all.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Super | The Super Sentence

  • She has made the super-scone.
  • She was one of the super-women who do not grow old.
  • The super-clerk was already showing tokens of the strain.
  • What makes the Super-Woman?
  • And the 'super'-Horatian effulgence of Master Foolgentius!
  • I had not the slightest belief in anything appertaining to the super-natural.
  • The super with the goose couldn't approach it for patness.
  • Another person whose nervous system received a shock was the super-clerk.
  • A sort of incredulity, as of the monstrous and the super-human seized her.
  • The "super" did not like young men with cocksure enthusiasms.
  • He hated energising, specially of the super-induced, involuntary sort.
  • Publicity is the great right-arm of the super-store of the America of today.
  • The super-position of colour generally, as described in Chap.
  • She had, too, the magic, if still undeveloped, fascination of the super-woman.
  • Not more than you frightened me, sir," the "super" frankly said.
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