The Tail In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Tail | The Tail Sentence

  • He had it by the tail.
  • But he pulled it out by the tail.
  • The tail or the reason?
  • Denebola is in the tuft of the tail.
  • Already he had tied the tail round her.
  • I pulled him down by the tail of his tunic.
  • Let the tail go with the hide.
  • The tail feathers of a bird.
  • The tail twitched a little.
  • Wings hardly any longer than the tail.
  • What can the tail be made of and what can the reason be?
  • The tail broke right off!
  • The tail is slightly under cut.
  • The tail feathers were the most prized.
  • Feathers under the tail jet-black.
  • I could sling a bullock by the tail.
  • Usually branded his initials below the tail-pin.
  • The tail and mane are like silk!
  • The tail is about 20 inches long.
  • The tail is always so short as to be inappreciable.
  • He who takes the snake by the tail will be bitten by it.
  • Then he took hold of the tail nearby.
  • The next step is to put on the tail.
  • I could see it out of the tail of my eyes.
  • There is just a movement of the extreme tip of the tail.
  • Her play-fellow grabbed her by the tail.
  • Then the hare fastened the tail of the inkalimeva.
  • The old man was at the tail of the procession.
  • Iemon stepped behind it and caught it by the tail.
  • The tail iron will be regulated by circumstances.
  • The captain noticed me out of the tail of his eye.
  • The tail came below the bend of my knees.
  • The tail is long and fan-shaped.
  • The entrance was by a step at the tail-board.
  • Cut the flesh from the thick portion of the tail.

How To Use The Tail In A Sentence?

  • Remove the entrails and remove the vein through the tail.
  • The end of the tail feathers is also of the same colour.
  • We chronicle the loss of the tail and loss of teeth.
  • The tail of this little bird is always in motion.
  • I turned in my seat and looked back at the tail.
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