The Tenth In A Sentence

How To Use The Tenth In A Sentence?

  • At the tenth I was insensible to pain.
  • Plato called Sappho the tenth muse.
  • This fighting was on the evening of the tenth of May.
  • My leave expired on the tenth of August.
  • On the tenth day we approached the mouth of the Ohio.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Tenth | The Tenth Sentence

  • But what about the tenth.
  • Morris was the tenth case.
  • At the tenth something happened.
  • In the tenth of a second less!
  • What does the tenth amendment declare?
  • On the tenth day of the month.
  • That night was the tenth of the moon.
  • The tenth pair of nerves.
  • Peder was the tenth of twelve wild boys.
  • The tenth edition is dated 1655.
  • The first revenue will be that of the tenth or tithes.
  • The tenth amendment is similar to the preceding.
  • Strutt ascribes the manuscript to the tenth century.
  • The cardiac plexus of the tenth nerve.
  • The pulmonary plexus of the tenth nerve.
  • By some this poem is placed in the tenth century.
  • More powerful instruments attain the tenth.
  • He described his difficulties at the tenth hole.
  • He was in the nineteenth century, not the tenth.
  • It revolved chiefly around the tenth commandment.
  • The tenth spot is left vacant for the first move.
  • As for the girl herself, she resembled the tenth muse.
  • It had as many as 30,000 inhabitants in the tenth century.
  • For the tenth time in a row, this trip.
  • Now let us come to the closing years of the tenth century.
  • The tenth and (the) last chapter.
  • It was the tenth of August.
  • For choice rack, cut to the tenth rib as for the chops.
  • The Tenth had many losses.
  • Barons of France make up the tenth.
  • It was the tenth day of April.
  • Out upon the tenth tithe, out upon the infamous pardon.
  • Describe the English hundred in the tenth century.
  • The tenth day came and went its laughing, blue way.
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