The Test In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Test | The Test Sentence

  • On again with the test.
  • That is why we stood the test.
  • Put your powers to the test!
  • What then is to be the test of inspiration?
  • Out of the test tube.
  • But the test is simple.
  • Patrice continued the test.
  • The test was now to be made.
  • Now you are being submitted to the test.
  • Put your goodness to the test!
  • Here in this wineglass is the test.
  • She is here ready for the test.
  • But the test was to come.
  • Trouble is the test of the creeds.
  • This should be the test of intelligence.
  • Yet he stood the test.
  • The test was now to come.
  • Their character is the test of religions.
  • But dare she put it to the test?
  • The tether stood the test.
  • This is the test of a good nurse.
  • The test of this eloquence was its range.
  • The test invented by himself had failed.
  • The test coming will be terrific.
  • It stands the test of time.
  • Will was swift to put that to the test.
  • She was not to be spared the test long.
  • Practical application of the theory is the test.
  • How severe the test to which she will be exposed!
  • Here is the test of true ladyhood.
  • The test of a truth was its availability.
  • He was putting his theory to the test.
  • Then it was that our mettle stood the test.
  • I brought them to the test of this experience.
  • Then came the test with the rifles.

How To Use The Test In A Sentence?

  • Let us make the test.
  • This has stood the test for ages.
  • I put it to the test this morning.
  • I wondered at the test of my endurance then.
  • Did the brothers stand the test?
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