The Theater In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Theater | The Theater Sentence

  • Women in the theater?
  • Should the theater be encouraged?
  • The theater is darkened again.
  • Everybody in the theater gasps.
  • Burckhardt trailed him in to the theater.
  • I am due now at the theater.
  • How do you like the theater?
  • The taxi drew up at the theater.
  • He settled on the theater because it was most probable.
  • The applause was filling the theater.
  • We of the religion do not go to the theater.
  • He began to walk him out of the theater.
  • Adjacent to the low bay is the theater.
  • There was a strange silence over the theater.
  • Drive me to the theater, will you?
  • The theater that night was very amusing.
  • Their meeting at the theater had told him nothing.
  • I went to the theater every evening.
  • He had an hour before time to go to the theater.
  • Why, the theater is not good for them.
  • Quickly he left the theater and sought his hotel.
  • She now tactfully changed the subject to the theater.
  • The contessa had given him a taste for the theater.
  • The word came at me from every corner of the theater.
  • A gentleman never sits with his hat on in the theater.
  • Her feet no longer trod the dusty boards of the theater.
  • Emmy Lou had been to the theater before.
  • The theater of Arequipa was ablaze with lights.
  • The theater of the golden era in California.
  • To-night we visited the theater to witness Ingomar.
  • The theater had always a great attraction for Dickens.
  • They found Harry waiting for them in the theater lobby.
  • Against the Sky of the Theater.
  • The voice of Stella Merrick was filling the theater.
  • But as soon as I got to the theater I was as bad as ever.
  • He took her Driving, and he Escorted her to the Theater.
  • My brother pointed you out to me at the theater the other night.
  • Batangas became the theater of his missionary labors in the islands.
  • Dress for concerts admits of a little more display than for the theater.

How To Use The Theater In A Sentence?

  • He indicated again the direction of the theater from which they had just emerged.
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