The Tough In A Sentence

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  • The tough tenderfoot.
  • At this the tough winced.
  • This is the tough part.
  • The tough turned quickly.
  • The tough shifted uneasily.
  • He looked disturbed when he recognized the tough.
  • Roger felt the tough beneath him exerting all his energy.
  • The tough was too skilled to be caught with a solid blow.
  • The tough opened the door and passed out into the hall way.
  • Dismembering the rabbit, he gnawed at the tough meat.
  • Who loved so well the tough old Dean.
  • And the tough poked his nose close to that of Caleb Allen.
  • Only the experienced and expert can cut the tough outer rind.
  • Unable to rend the tough fabric, it resorted to another method.
  • Then he slipped entirely out, and the tough buffalo hide closed up behind him.
  • In serving oranges, remove the tough part and give only the juice.
  • There, was the tough, tight tendon of the ripping ground pine.
  • But at the first attempt to bite the tough thing, out came a loose tooth.
  • The tough, wiry fellow took his gun, and went into the woods.
  • Veiling his astonishment as best he could, Hal approached the tough.
  • How the tough wind springs to wrestle, When the tide is on the flood!
  • The periwinkle, and the tough dogfish At even-time have got into my dish!
  • The tough part, then, was for Alice, who knew what it was all about.
  • From the tough sinews of the large animals, every Cave-man made his own thread.

How To Use The Tough In A Sentence?

  • I and my three lieutenants were mounted on the tough mountain ponies of the country.
  • They nipped at the rubber boots and left the marks of their teeth on the tough uppers.
  • He had to break away fronds of the tough branches to open a hole into the dark interior.
  • Although in ignorance of what had occurred, the tough old skipper rose to the occasion.
  • He caught the back of his chair with both hands in a grasp that tried to squeeze the tough oak.
  • The tough fibre of the wood enables the conifers to resist damage by wind and by ice.
  • The tough little enlisted guard stepped up and reported clearly and rapidly and without pause.
  • But the thermite had been burning steadily, biting through the tough skin of the metal moon.
  • He lay down on his chest, hooking his feet in amongst the tough roots of the heather.
  • He broke off the tough, resisting substance six inches further along and again applied his spark.
  • Then a sharp point pierced downward, the tip of a knife slitting the tough stuff.
  • We could plainly see how the tough old ice bent and rose up at the shock without breaking.
  • The tough roots of the larch tree supply threads with which the Indian sews his birch canoe.
  • The tough uttered a howl as he went down, and Ferris gave a cry of consternation.
  • Now Burris seemed to think of him as a kind of God, and gave him all the tough dirty jobs.
  • With blistered hands and burning lungs he hacked at the tough strands of hemp with his pocket-knife.
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