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How To Use The Transfer In A Sentence?

  • Rochdale and the transfer from the funds render me more economical for the present.
  • The transfer to him of some forfeited property naturally induced him to settle there.
  • He took his disappointment so well as to be the more urgent in securing the transfer.
  • Every preparation for the transfer of the papers had been arranged with utmost secrecy.
  • The transfer of personal property was considered in the preceding section on commerce.
  • The transfer of caloric will begin at the place at which the two bodies are nearest to each other.
  • Melt the transfer ink over a slow fire and add the other ingredients separately.
  • At last the transfer was effected and the receptacle securely stoppered and sealed.
  • The purpose of the clearing-house is largely to facilitate the transfer of credits.
  • The prelate here puts clearly and categorically the question of the transfer of livings.
  • However, the transfer of food was usually rapid and the adult would leave within a few seconds.
  • The transfer tends to keep them stocky, increases the fibrous roots and makes the plants hardier.
  • This was done by forged powers of attorney for the transfer of Government consols.
  • I refer to the transfer of the paper money of the country from the State to the national banks.
  • Among the slaves selected for the transfer were myself, my wife Matilda, and the seamstress.
  • The first was the transfer by the British of the field of operations to the South.
  • For the same reason they were opposed to the transfer of Cuba to any other European power.
  • This command has the deferred bit and halts a program until the TC can handle the transfer.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Transfer | The Transfer Sentence

  • His interests did not suffer by the transfer.
  • The transfer of surplus votes.
  • Has the transfer passed through your hands?
  • He controls the transfer and discharge of employees.
  • The transfer had been made by secret treaty in 1762.
  • No thanks, not a word, or I cancel the transfer.
  • The transfer is of farms in Kazusa for others in Shimosa.
  • The question now is if you are prepared to consent to the transfer.
  • Also warmth is due to the transfer of something which is not temperature.
  • The transfer from the wagon to the horses was quickly accomplished.
  • The transfer across the river was the most interesting part of the journey.
  • The transfer value of all votes is either 1 or some fraction of 1.
  • The in-out transfer command indicates the nature of the transfer.
  • Consequently the whole value of the term might easily be lost by the transfer.
  • The transfer of food from the adult usually required less than a minute.
  • And the transfer was actually made before Daisy was aware of it.
  • But with the transfer of Louisiana conditions rapidly changed.
  • And then, in a flash, the bridge was built, and the transfer was accomplished.
  • At last she is close beside us, and when made fast, the transfer takes place.
  • The date fixed upon for the transfer was the first of December, 1869.
  • Frame houses became fashionable after the transfer to the United States.
  • The mere announcement of the transfer was a stunning blow to the North Country.
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