The Tremendous In A Sentence

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  • It was the tremendous risks which had allured me.
  • We are now awake to the tremendous importance of this.
  • She felt the tremendous mastery of his will.
  • They bore the tremendous truth within themselves.
  • The tremendous machinery hung motionless.
  • Was he willing to assume the tremendous responsibility?
  • We alone possessed the tremendous secret!
  • I was weak and faint now from the tremendous exertion.
  • I was fixed as if in the tremendous spell of a nightmare.
  • Think of the tremendous forces arrayed against us.
  • He stopped aghast at the thought of the tremendous strain.
  • The tremendous purple canyon depths lay beneath him.
  • We sat thus crowned amid the tremendous excitement.
  • In one corner of the tremendous cave hummed the dynamo.
  • Such is the tremendous scene depicted by Ezekiel.
  • Take for example the tremendous note in Vol.
  • Her Majesty calmly scooped up the tremendous pile of chips.
  • The tremendous abyss on either hand I studiously ignored.
  • The Tremendous Empire of the Senses.
  • Not until then did he fully realize the tremendous odds against him.
  • The tremendous speech he had had ready vanished from his mind.
  • Chet stared slowly about him at the magnificence of the tremendous room.
  • Already the tremendous roar of the motorcycles was close upon them.
  • The other thing which impressed him was the tremendous power of religion.
  • Such is the tremendous consummation quietly told in a few lines.
  • Each actor was overwhelmed by the tremendous success of his own part.
  • And his suffering arose from the tremendous power of his imagination.
  • To the tremendous funeral march the body is carried over the hills.
  • He seemed less occupied with the tremendous present than the future.
  • The tremendous forces of fanaticism are exerted only in a forward direction.
  • But the tremendous skin-merchants bore down all before them wherever they went.
  • And this helps to explain the tremendous market for luxuries during wartime.
  • Then her face became utterly blank with the tremendous effort to understand.
  • The tremendous wedge-shaped room was evidently a warehouse of sorts.

How To Use The Tremendous In A Sentence?

  • He tingled with the sense of the tremendous power which had been delivered into his hands.
  • Only when he was alone did he realize the tremendous change that had come into his life.
  • The tremendous energy of her aroused people had made her equal to the task.
  • The tremendous scientific importance of these experiences excited me beyond measure.
  • What did not show was the tremendous development of the sense of solidarity among women.
  • This will give you an idea of the tremendous force and rapidity of the rainfall in this country.
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