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  • This is the first instance of regular inoculation of the vaccine disease by Jenner.
  • The result is, that persons thus operated upon have the small-pox, or the vaccine disease.
  • Or does the vaccine matter contain living particles, which have grown and multiplied where they have been planted?
  • The vaccine is a filthy substance, and it is foolish to expect that one kind of filth can be removed by another.
  • Jenner had nearly passed half a century before he made known to the world his experiments and investigations relative to the vaccine disease.
  • In the winter of 1801-1802 he asked to be vaccinated, at Washington, and took some of the vaccine back with him, for his people.
  • The Duke of Clarence gave his testimony, and manifested strongly his conviction of the prophylactic powers of the vaccine disease.
  • The vaccine that is prepared from the blood of a small-pox patient is likely to contain and transmit the germs of all the several diseases that he may be suffering from.
  • And, in a letter to Mr. Pruen, "I have ever considered the variola and the vaccine radically and essentially the same.
  • So, if anyone who has been exposed to smallpox is vaccinated any time within a week after exposure, the vaccine will take hold first, and the patient will have either simple vaccinia, with its trifling headache and fever, or else a very mild form of smallpox.
  • So far, the only obstacle to a cure which I have witnessed, has been tuberculosis of the chest or abdominal viscera, or of both at the same time, and still more the vaccine-virus; likewise a tendency to paralysis in persons who were otherwise morbidly affected.
  • The theory of the vaccine treatment of disease is that if you infuse into the blood the products of the germs of certain diseases, the individual in whose blood the vaccine has been put, will wholly resist that particular disease, or if he acquires it, it will be in a mild and more modified form.
  • Experiments, similar in principle to those of Helmholtz on fermentation and putrefaction, have proved that the active element in the vaccine lymph is non-diffusible, and consists of minute particles not exceeding 1/20000th of an inch in diameter, which are made visible in the lymph by the microscope.
  • The vaccine matter was introduced with this view many years back; but as all the children in the colony were immediately inoculated, it was again lost from the want of a sufficient number of subjects to afford a supply of fresh virus; and for many years afterwards, every effort that was made for its re-introduction proved abortive.
  • Jenner's discoveries and demonstrations as to the specific value of the vaccine virus of cowpox, which led to the modern methods of vaccination for prevention of smallpox, proved of such efficacy and importance that the whole credit for this service to medical science has been popularly given to him.
  • Senor D. Liborio Irigoyen, then Governor, knowing that I was about to visit the towns of the east, to seek among their inhabitants the traditions of the past, if they yet existed, or at least among their customs some of those of the primitive dwellers of those lands, begged me to scatter among them the vaccine, to ward off, as much as possible, the terrible scourge that threatened them.
  • The vaccine of _Carbonarism_ has taken, and courses from vein to vein, to the very noblest portion of the social body.
  • the vaccine matter, by its irritative property, produced a mere blister, the fluid of which has the same irritative property?
  • It is singular that only three persons within the fort should have been infected with the disease, and I can only attribute the comparative immunity enjoyed by the residents at that post to the fact that Mr. John Sinclair had taken the precaution early in the summer to vaccinate all the persons residing there, having obtained the vaccine matter from a Salteaux Indian who had been vaccinated at the Mission of Prince Albert, presided over by Rev. Mr. Nesbit, sometime during the spring.
  • (1) The preparation of the vaccine from the udder of cows or calves entails untold suffering on thousands of innocent creatures, and this cannot possibly be justified by any gains resulting from vaccination.
  • While," says he, "the vaccine discovery was progressive, the joy I felt at the prospect before me of being the instrument destined to take away from the world one of its greatest calamities, blended with the fond hope of enjoying independence and domestic peace and happiness, was often so excessive,
  • The vaccine disease, in my opinion, is not a preventive of the smallpox, but the smallpox itself; that is to say, the horrible form under which the disease appears in its contagious state is, as I conceive, a malignant variety."
  • I had frequent exposures to the variolous infection, and I had a _dreadful_ apprehension that I might have an attack of the varioloid, as at that time I had never experimentally tried the protective powers of the vaccine virus, and had _too_ little confidence in those who recommended its prophylactic powers.
  • _, or again _fluoric acid_, if the vaccine poison alone, or in combination with the other poisons, occupies the foreground.

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  • By what means is the vaccine matter introduced into the system?

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