The Vehicle In A Sentence

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  • The vehicle carried him off.
  • He recognized the vehicle at once.
  • Frederick carried them himself to the vehicle.
  • Suddenly the vehicle came to a stop.
  • The vehicle of language has broken down.
  • The vehicle proceeded at a quick pace.
  • But the astral body is the vehicle of all these things.
  • What was the vehicle brought for at so early an hour?
  • The dog had already leaped into the vehicle.
  • He was the vehicle by which was brought accurate knowledge.
  • My father and mother happened to be the vehicle.
  • She begged me to sit down and await the vehicle.
  • The vehicle approaching contained a friend.
  • John shakes his head dubiously as he enters the vehicle.
  • So saying, she descends from the vehicle.
  • Nature is the vehicle, and threefold degree.
  • The vehicle came, and the travellers started.
  • At last all was ready, and the vehicle got under way.
  • The vehicle then quitted the Rue du Temple.
  • The vehicle stops.
  • Her dress was as shabby as the vehicle in which she had arrived.
  • They transmitted to him their divine art and the vehicle of its expression.
  • It does not know of what undying words it is made the vehicle.
  • Gertrude shrank back into a corner of the vehicle as it departed.
  • The outer wheels of the vehicle were over the edge of the precipice.
  • Louisa leaned back in the corner of the vehicle silent and motionless.
  • But at a certain moment the vehicle was arrested by a sudden shock.
  • It was not entirely successful, but it enabled him to see out of the vehicle.
  • The troopers drew to the side of the track as he reined in beside the vehicle.
  • Slipping behind the embankment, he waited for the vehicle to pass.
  • The vehicle shot forward and came floating in over the scene of the fighting.
  • Lorenzo was there, fastening the bag of meal securely under the vehicle.
  • A few minutes later the vehicle was rolling over the dusty high-road.
  • Raising the vehicle with levers, we placed these sticks under the wheels.
  • He stood bareheaded until the visitor climbed into the vehicle and drove away.

How To Use The Vehicle In A Sentence?

  • Will you be kind enough to allow your periodical to be the vehicle of this invitation?
  • The doctor climbed down from one side of the vehicle and the driver from the other.
  • With some difficulty he persuaded the driver of the vehicle to convey so dubious a passenger.
  • You should have seen his face as he grasped the side of the vehicle and cried out in his terror.
  • It was as if her whole palpitating loveliness had become the vehicle of an exquisite entreaty.
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