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  • Have you a clear impression of the visual elements that determine this distance?
  • All these circumstances still further influence the refracting character of the visual organ.
  • What can be the visual impression of the insect when face to face with that monstrosity, man?
  • Remarkable Effects on the visual Nerves, by looking through differently-coloured Glasses.
  • And even then the visual impression was more of colour in a picture than of the forms of actual life.
  • This is memory of touch and of the muscular sense, entirely equivalent to the visual memory of the portrait painters mentioned above.
  • The force of the virtue differs in the individual as the keenness of sight in the natural man, but the visual power is the same in quality in all.
  • Within the square shall be a circle, within the circle another square, until the visual eye is baffled.
  • The length of the blowpipe is generally seven or eight inches, but this depends very much upon the visual angle of the operators.
  • Professor Dilthey has collected many other records of the hallucinatory clearness of the visual imagery of literary artists.
  • He turned the boat shoreward and seizing his box disappeared in the darkness, his enlarged pupils giving him the visual powers of a night animal.
  • Symphonic music aroused in me no image of the visual type while I remained the amateur that you knew from 1876 to 1898.
  • The latter case is well-known in crystal-gazing, where long-forgotten memory ideas project themselves into the visual field like hallucinations.
  • Thus too one slips, as it were, under the visual guard of human-shy creatures, whose eyes are on the lookout for their enemy at human height.
  • This whole vast space was covered with buffalo, looking at a distance like one compact mass, the visual angle not permitting the ground to be seen.
  • Coming to the visual place of audience, a mat was spread for me to sit down upon, and Tee left me to go and bring the king.
  • The visual telegraph, on the contrary, has its towers, its high walls, its gates well-guarded from inside by strong armed men.
  • Applied in a vastly different way, put to vastly different uses, the visual gift of Steevens belonged to the same order of things.
  • But while they were right in believing a picture should be more than the visual accompaniment to sentiments, they should have gone deeper than the mere exterior of painting.
  • It was a dizzy-making montage because my perception senses the real figure of Marian, superimposed on the visual memory-image of Catherine.
  • But in painting and sculpture, which are the visual arts wherein the form itself is concrete, emotion can be provoked only by a plastic poise of subjective weights.
  • These rules are not to be formally taught in the first and second years, but pointed out by examples, so that the visual and auditory image may be associated.
  • The gates guarded the bridges and the canals were the fences, but the canals and the low bridges were not to be seen at a distance, and the visual effect was that of isolated gates.
  • Apart from the orbs which constitute the solar system, little was known of the sidereal heavens beyond the visual effect created by the nocturnal aspect of the star-lit sky.
  • The large number of sensitive nervous filaments renders the visual organ very impressible to bodies that cause irritation, as dust, or intense light.
  • A curious circumstance, which may be explained by a duplex character of the matter forming a cometary tail, is the great difference between the visual and photographic aspect of these bodies.
  • He had to hold his two forearms close in front of his eyes and stare at them, giving his full attention to the visual impression of the smooth, uninjured skin of the wrist.
  • The visual image "ea" should call up the auditory image of long "e." When the child meets the exceptions the context must be relied on to aid him.
  • The visual image of it was an element of my mental background, when I was sitting at my desk, but it never before moved to the center of my conscious content.
  • This, however, was, of course, not owing to imperfect sight, but to incomplete transformation of the visual idea into the motor idea required for writing.
  • The man who called himself Stanley Martin had carefully plotted the orbit of this particular planetoid and had let his spaceboat coast in without using any detection equipment except the visual.
  • In the visual sphere, the recollection of faces, monuments, landscapes, etc.; in the auditory sphere, the remembrance of the sounds of the sea, wind, the human voice, a melody, etc.
  • He remembers that he shivered at the thought of the contrast, and in that moment the visual image of the woman raising a glass of poison to her mouth flashed into his mind and thus became almost a part of the shock.
  • In this case nature has afforded compensation to the visual faculty by contracting the pupil of the eye when it is offended by excess of light and by causing it to dilate when offended by excess of darkness, like the opening of the purse.
  • With him visual symbols of musical notes are associated with the visual symbols of words in the mind, and the visual symbols whether of the words or of the musical notes will serve to revive in memory the sound of the one or the other, or of both.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For The Visual | The Visual Sentence

  • There have been three epochs in the visual arts.
  • Now I'm going to give you the visual demonstration.
  • The visual orb was swoln, blood-shot, troubled and intolerably dull.
  • Singular Impression on the visual Nerves by a Luminous Object.
  • In the visual arts he is surpassed only by El Greco, Michelangelo and Rubens.
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