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  • The theatres were closed.
  • What theatres have you been to lately?
  • After that many other theatres rose.
  • And so might theatres and cards.
  • The theatres come out at midnight.
  • Upon the theatres this deprivation fell heavily.
  • They did not want to go to the theatres in the evening.
  • It was what on the theatres they would call a tableau.
  • Les théâtres lyriques sont trop vastes.
  • A measure of free trade in theatres was established.
  • Only half a dozen theatres for three millions of people!
  • The theatres were strong, the newspapers were weak.
  • I hope he will live, lest the theatres should be shut up.
  • Our old theatres were of two classes, public and private.
  • Practically they reduced the London theatres to two.
  • The American theatres are much better kept than ours.
  • Ancient Theatres and Crosses.
  • I suppose you would prefer the principal theatres to be open?
  • There were also a good many theatres in the existence of this busy lady.
  • This movie is still playing in specialty theatres around the big cities.
  • Our theatres are not distinguished, as is known, for luxury of furnishing.

How To Use Theatres In A Sentence?

  • Then you were not in the habit of visiting the second-rate theatres or other places.
  • She notices that her friends have numerous invitations to theatres and dinners.
  • Surgical operations he witnessed at the theatres of any hospital on the regular days.
  • If you think of it, there are so few theatres accessible that they cannot go often.
  • The tempests of the public theatres were assuredly conducted after a ruder method.
  • He selected for tonight one of the big theatres where a tragedy was on the bill.
  • The theatres were considerably reduced in number by the time 1636 was arrived at.
  • The first hospital is fuller of pity and terror than all the theatres in the world.
  • The theatres are full of artists who have picked up music from singing-masters about the country.
  • Formerly, the prices of admission to the theatres were not fixed so definitely as at present.
  • The theatres were over by this time, and the streets were beginning to grow empty.
  • The employment of gas-lights in theatres was strenuously objected to by many people.
  • Actors have often appeared in two, and sometimes in three theatres on the same evening.
  • Prostitutes taken from the theatres were made duchesses, their bastards dukes and earls.
  • Moreover, the performances at the private theatres were presented by candle or torch light.
  • The traffic from the theatres was very congested, and the vehicles were crawling slowly westward.
  • The ladies who adorn the theatres with their presence insist upon hearing of nothing but love.
  • The theatres and the tea-shops and the public-houses will be as full as ever the next day.
  • I am bored by theatres and by books and by every sort of thing that people call pleasure.

Definition of Theatres

plural of theatre
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