Their Children In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Their Children | Their Children Sentence

  • Will their children have?
  • Their children are grown.
  • Parents cannot give it to their children.
  • Their children unwashed.
  • Or their children shall.
  • But will you see their children?
  • They have their children christened.
  • Women were hugging their children to them.
  • The same is true of those who complain of their children.
  • Their children were kidnapped with impunity.
  • Towards their children they are indulgent to a fault.
  • Two families then pledged their children.
  • He had a school to teach their children.
  • Their children are short of clothing.
  • They shed tears over their children.
  • They are still working for their children.
  • They want their children educated.
  • Their children it was pitiful to see.
  • Parents are teaching their children to eat more gracefully.
  • Should all mothers attempt to nurse their children?
  • They send their children thru school.
  • They send their children off to expensive schools.
  • That much we owe to our children and their children.
  • Wagging tongues always have troubles as their children.
  • The sins of the fathers are visited on their children.
  • Moreover, their children were thoughtless.
  • Their children they declared kings of kings.
  • Their children have learned to read and write.
  • Their children are now growing up, as they once grew up.
  • They must educate their children to cultivate the soil.
  • Their children usually number from four to eight.
  • The women cowered with their children beside the teepees.
  • Mothers sold their children for a single scanty meal.
  • The old queens come out to meet their children.
  • Other mothers were afraid they might lose their children.

How To Use Their Children In A Sentence?

  • Why did mothers teach their children the boundary lines?
  • The foreign visitors come without their children.
  • They are good cooks and faithful nurses to their children.
  • Few mothers realise the danger of coddling their children.
  • Their children have gathered, their city have built.
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