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  • Now, I know their income does not touch six hundred pounds.
  • Naturally these men combined to resist this encroachment on their income.
  • Their income was not elastic, and there were things more important.
  • Others have seen fit to divert their income to objects more enterprising.
  • You are one of those brave, jolly fellows who live up to their income.
  • I know many who must now give one quarter of their income to the government.
  • Most of their income is in the shape of farm produce, and used in the family.
  • Roughly half their income goes on food, which is plain but adequate.
  • This is, consequently, but a small fractional part of their income.
  • The more fruitful, therefore, these ladies were, the greater was their income.
  • Lavinia saw that Mr. Edwin Fennel had taken up a wrong idea of their income.

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  • Unavoidable expenses absorb their limited means and press heavily on their income.
  • Indeed, his connection with that astute old wizard had just about doubled their income.
  • The archbishops and clergy contributed one-fifth of their income to the expenses of the war.
  • They are bidden to lay aside one-tenth of their income for religious or charitable purposes.
  • The young people lived with the Blackwaters, and their income kept the establishment going.
  • A sizable proportion of their income was and is in their commissions upon their total volume of sales.
  • It is painful to contemplate that the present scale of expenditure among the middle classes has been in an inverse ratio to their income.
  • Emulous of a good example, they in their day and generation would nobly endeavour to lay by a portion of their income.
  • No ordinary argument could induce owners to expend money in strengthening or rebuilding their income-producing properties.
  • Machine-production, by the fall of prices it brings, has benefited people in direct proportion to their income.
  • Neither societies nor individuals, for instance, can afford to live beyond their income without knowing it.
  • Always suffering from impecuniosity, the Burtons were perpetually revolving schemes for increasing their income.
  • The duty of entertaining strangers and travellers was always duly recognised by the clergy, and entailed a heavy charge upon their income.
  • This, in turn, so greatly increased the expenses of the republic that many citizens paid more than half of their income in taxes.
  • Archie, she felt justly, must content himself with their income, which would be more than two hundred thousand a year.
  • Altogether their income did not fall much short of a hundred a year, and they lived in the Chapel-house free of rent.
  • Living apart they might each have passed muster; living together they somehow made their ugliness, like their income, go further.
  • But now, the summary docking of just half their income was a matter of embarrassment to Miss Preen, as may readily be imagined.
  • Looking at the increase of wages which has taken place during the last fifteen years, their income must now amount to at least four hundred millions.
  • As soon as she found that their income was far more than sufficient for their wants she took severely to parsimony, and "screwed" to an extent scarcely credible.
  • But while the three older professions have evidently little need or disposition to combine for the purpose of increasing their income from the community, some of the newer professions occupy different ground.
  • More and more, it is said, the work of government is falling into the hands of men to whom even small pay is important, and who are suspected of adding to their income by corruption.
  • Though obliged to calculate every penny, still their income and expenses were alike certain; there was no anxiety about money matters, which of itself was an indescribable relief.
  • It is, in fact, in youth that economy should be practised, and in old age that men should dispense liberally, provided they do not exceed their income.
  • They suffered every kind of horror and barbarity, written and unwritten, and for years their taxes were two-thirds of their income; and yet they did not murmur.
  • There are no universities in the South which count their income in millions, but the number of institutions adequately equipped to do efficient work is already large and increasing.
  • Both he and his wife "had property" to a certain extent; and now lived peacefully on their income with neither fear nor hope, ambition nor responsibility to trouble them.
  • It is true the united amount in bank would not be thought large by many; but their income is considerably in excess of all necessary expenses and, what is better yet, perfect content dwells with them.
  • For the northerners, to their surprise, life went on exactly as before, except for different postage stamps, and a changed heading on their income-tax returns, which were considerably lower.
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