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How To Use Their Most In A Sentence?

  • Again and again did the journalist put them under his nose in their most attractive guise.
  • Nevertheless among their most marked characteristics were their honesty and their kindness.
  • They were colourists, and had been even when passing through their most sombre stage.
  • Our heroes show the stuff they are made of and surprise their most ardent admirers.
  • Our heroes show the stuff they are made of and surprise their most ardent admirers.
  • Having accomplished this, they set out on their most painful and dangerous journey.
  • Hastily the family sorted out their most needed clothing and made it into small bundles.
  • Their most complete satisfaction rather excludes than encourages pious meditations.
  • One of their most daring but successful feats was in altering the foundation level of the city.
  • But they seldom can tell you the period or name of many of their most valuable items.
  • Into works of art the nations have wrought their most profound ideas and aspirations.
  • A committee of their most prominent citizens met with the mayor and discussed the matter freely.
  • Their property had been swept away, but they had retained their most precious possession.
  • And here let us grant the modern critics their most hostile and extreme position.
  • This was one of their most insistent objections based upon ancestral interpretation and teaching.
  • In the winter season also they go in pursuit of their most cruel enemies the wolves.
  • Some of their most important proposals were rejected, while many others have become law.
  • They walked over to where the old man sat, greeting him with their most pleasant smiles.
  • If taken earlier they are too young, and later they have passed their most interesting age.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Their Most | Their Most Sentence

  • This is one of their most tiresome characteristics.
  • He was saved from that by their most opportune departure.
  • What a pity that this is not their most serious fault!
  • From this arose their most important peculiarity.
  • Yet their most awful danger still lay before them.
  • Their most important agricultural implement was the hoe.
  • They dug down and rescued their most precious things.
  • But fishes reached their most perfect organic type.
  • The clear bells played one of their most melodious airs.
  • I seize on their most valued Prizes.
  • Their most common arms are shield, bow, and arrow.
  • Their most marked characteristic was the width of wheel tire.
  • And with what fortitude his parents bore their most painful loss!
  • This is seen to advantage when their most similar elements are compared.
  • Their most intimate friends would scarcely have recognized them.
  • Their most important use is as measuring devices of the men.
  • Their most solemn worship is presented to their gods in this form.
  • All entrance is forbidden even to their most carefully built corridors.
  • This occurred after you had stabbed and killed one of their most trusted spies.
  • The bad passions of their teachers had been stirred in their most vital place.
  • They decry their most luxurious entertainments, to win a shower of approval.
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