Their Past In A Sentence

How To Use Their Past In A Sentence?

  • For a little time they were so overjoyed that their past troubles were forgotten.
  • And they laughed over their past sufferings much after the fashion of other women.
  • She would assume nothing on the ground of their past standing toward each other.
  • A pitiful collection of survivors lingering on in the ruins of their past greatness.
  • They shall discover their own exceeding wickedness and be thoroughly ashamed of their past folly.
  • He claimed the future for those who were able to trace the hand of God in their past.
  • In his account of their past he was often false to their fundamental ideas of God and history.
  • The future that they proposed to themselves was not independent of their past: it was a fuller development of it.
  • For this was how they would have wished to be, each setting up an ideal to which they were now adapting their past life.
  • He told them incidents connected with their past lives which he could not have known under ordinary circumstances.
  • They thought of their friends and of their past lives in the comprehensive way in which one views that which is completed.
  • Among these miners there seemed to be a general disposition to make amends as speedily as possible for their past errors.
  • The real problem of forest taxation is in connection with the future of our timber lands rather than with their past.
  • They form their preterit and frequently their past participle by changing the radical vowel of the present stem.
  • He offered pardon in the king's name to the disaffected barons for their past offences.
  • The great mystery of their past brought them as closely together as did the great love which filled them and of which they refrained from speaking.
  • The memory of their past glories fired the blood of every patriot in the cathedral to an enthusiasm bordering on frenzy.
  • It was as if the rural fear of innovation had thrown them back for a pivotal centre upon the point of continuity with their past.
  • Knowledge was made free to everyone who was interested in learning the truths about their past and many citizens did partake of this freedom.
  • Their past history is obscure, and we know little about it beyond the fact that it was different from that of the other bands.
  • There are those who want to get away from all their past; who if they could, would fain begin all over again.
  • With all their dreamy beauty, the tropics are full of sadness, both in their past and present history.
  • Sunday is spent by them at the public-house, drinking to drive away the recollections both of their past and future wretchedness.
  • Let them look forward into the future, instead of clinging timorously to the stone wall of their past imitation of men.
  • It is an occasion for them to receive congratulations upon their past married life, and wishes for many additional years of wedded bliss.
  • And they worked from morning till night in the sweat of their brows and with effort, seeking thus to retrieve their past sloth and their blindness.
  • All their past sorrows were now happily forgotten; they took hold, and were most enthusiastic, industrious and frugal.
  • Hear reason: nations are not so puny as to shrivel and vanish at the first tampering with their past, no, nor with the tenth.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Their Past | Their Past Sentence

  • Their past was indissolubly linked to this word.
  • Their past hardships seemed all at once forgotten.
  • Their past doubts, cares and trials were all ended.
  • There is no incident in their past history which does not touch her.
  • Physically they exhibited no indication of their past lives and character.
  • What their past had been he neither cared nor craved to know.
  • But if they stay with you, one generally learns something of their past.
  • Archaeology has heightened interest of the Chinese in their past.
  • A little uneasy he wrote again, using the dialect of their past intimacy.
  • For a period the Jews were as proud of their present as of their past.
  • Of all their past career, and thus he said: CUCHULLIN.
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