Their Words In A Sentence

How To Use Their Words In A Sentence?

  • There was nothing like a shock to either of them in the directness of their words.
  • But their words were interrupted now by the deepening thunder of the approaching waters.
  • Their line is gone out thru all the earth and their words to the end of the world.
  • Calm and contained as their words are, their hearts are aflame with passion for the undiscovered.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Their Words | Their Words Sentence

  • Their words identical.
  • Their words were few and sullen.
  • But their laughter belies their words.
  • Nor did their words to move him fail.
  • From this distance their words were indistinguishable.
  • No need to doubt their words.
  • But their words were most awkward to my tongue.
  • Again the wind intercepted their words.
  • I heard their words distinctly.
  • Presently he was near enough to catch their words.
  • These were their words, ladies.
  • Some sort of shame stopped their words.
  • Not long are nobles mindful of their words.
  • Their words were uttered almost simultaneously.
  • But their words fell on deaf ears.
  • Men were challenged to examine the meaning of their words.
  • They heal us of awkwardness by their words and looks.
  • The youngest son heard their words of complaint.
  • I heard their voices, but not their words.
  • The whole gang will pledge their words of honor to that.
  • The men were officers; their words could not be doubted.
  • Eznarza: Kings have broken their words.
  • But even without hearing their words, I could have guessed.
  • Therefore they were acting contrary to their words and deeds.
  • By their actions they must be merciful and not merely by their words.
  • Many of the older men sprinkled their words with expressive oaths.
  • Their words seemed like idle tales and they did not believe them.
  • Untrue to their convictions, they could not be faithful to their words.
  • Besides, we are so far away that they cannot be sure their words are heard.
  • She wept on in silence, and appeared insensible to their words.
  • Their words too are still in the air, to endure there to all eternity.
  • However composite they may be, yet they are only so in regard of their words.
  • They were watched each moment, and their words and actions reported.
  • Their sound is now in all the earth, their words throughout the world.
  • They talk of the sublime, and their words do not cut their tongues!
  • Their words were of little import, and full of trifling alliteration.
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