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How To Use Their Young In A Sentence?

  • Her family government is in principle the same as that of the lower animals over their young.
  • They were not in their nest at the time, but two of their young ones were in it.
  • The stags are mostly by themselves at this season, for the does are with their young calves.
  • The servants used constantly to fish for their own amusement and for that of their young masters.
  • The joys and troubles of their young love are told with keen and sympathetic appreciation.
  • Females of both species sometimes eat their young when the young die shortly after birth.
  • At her approach to the cave the finest cows arose up as if to greet their young mistress.
  • Their young hostess was worried by the thought that she had invited jarring elements to meet.
  • The care and anxiety which these birds shewed for their young interested us much.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Their Young | Their Young Sentence

  • Yet they desert not their young.
  • Their young life is thatched with them.
  • Then he created the animals and their young.
  • Nearly a month later they were feeding their young.
  • The future of the country will be in their young hands.
  • How squirrels and other rodents carry their young.
  • They are leaning their young heads against their mothers.
  • Their young lives were unconsciously sacrificed by her.
  • They tear away this soft down as a cradle for their young.
  • Their young men caused much difficulty.
  • The ladies were eloquent in praise of their young host.
  • These hats cast picturesque shadows on their young faces.
  • The old birds eat them and also give them to their young.
  • Leiden, their youthful escapades, their young years.
  • Hatched out their young; fed them; and taught them to fly.
  • They breed oftenest, and feed their young ones best.
  • But they can give their young hearts to Christ.
  • Oyouki, or their young servant Mdlle.
  • Some Elderly People and their Young Friends.
  • Such a method of rearing their young is certainly remarkable.
  • They did not want her to upset the placid existence of their young friends.
  • His personal deeds of valor appealed to their young imaginations.
  • It is an anxious moment for all birds when their young leave the nest.
  • They soared up into the air looking for the one who had killed their young.
  • Who had come over here to flaunt their young strength in the face of the enemy!
  • On all religious subjects their young minds were dark as night.
  • They were never quite sure whether their young cousin was jesting or not.
  • Who can look after a family of young children so well as their young mother?
  • Their young eyes are early opened to the beauty of birds and trees and plants.
  • It is said that the mothers lick their young children over like she-bears.
  • When opened, they were found to contain several bees with their young.
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