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  • Indeed, it is not possible for the Theist to imagine a beginning to the universe.
  • By this reply, the theist is, in our opinion, disarmed, and the sceptic victorious.
  • Love of goodness for its own sake is for the Theist identical with the love of God.
  • He professes himself a theist in the preface, and handles the literal interpretation very roughly.
  • The decision as to the correctness of the beliefs of the materialist or of the theist must be reached by other data than those of natural science.
  • The truth is, that the theist has assailed the sceptic in his strong and impregnable point, and left the vulnerable part of his system untouched.
  • The Theist answers that this is no sufficient objection, that there are many words which are in common use to which the same objection applies.
  • The speculating atheist, the theist will tell us, may be an honest man, but his writings will cause atheism in politics.
  • To the Jew of that, as of preceding periods, to the crude theist of all periods, the belief in miracles was and is easy.
  • The Theist who argues for creation must assert a point of time, that is, of duration, when the created did not yet exist.
  • Nor can the Theist regard the universe as created out of nothing, because Deity is, according to him, necessarily eternal and infinite.
  • The theist confesses freely that the importance of the moral end is a thing that the facts of life, as we now know them, will never properly explain to us.
  • If the Theist sees God but on the beautiful side, the superstitious man looks upon Him from the most hideous side.
  • The Theist who speaks of God creating the universe, must either suppose that Deity evolved it out of himself, or that he produced it from nothing.
  • If Voltaire have not succeeded in proving himself a strong theist and a strong anti-revelationist, who is to succeed in proving himself one thing or the other in any matter whatsoever?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Theist | Theist Sentence

  • The Theist was silent.
  • Now, in replying to this argument, no theist denies the major premiss.

Definition of Theist

One who believes in the existence of a god or gods.
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