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  • Bob wiggled them around.
  • He carries them around as if they were a fetish.
  • But he always carries a case of them around with him.
  • There must be plenty of them around the station.
  • I am trying to work them around on Apostolic grounds.
  • It may be dangerous to keep them around Chicago.
  • Then Hans took up the ends and tied them around his waist.
  • We don't often see them around here.
  • Eskimo kids trailed them around and grinned when they were spoken to.
  • He'd twist them around his little finger.
  • He drove them around the ring so that the people might see their wounds.
  • Shouldn't feel at home like without some of them around.
  • She stoops, and gathering up her wraps, folds them around her.
  • Duks la eggs, but don't la them around loose.
  • Mrs. Charles had been making cookies and generously passed them around.
  • They were pretty near drowned, but I managed to bring them around all right.
  • In addition, our friend, the Nipe, is used to seeing them around.
  • They weren't too common, but there were still some of them around.
  • So, undoing her necklaces, she clasped them around the other's neck.

How To Use Them Around In A Sentence?

  • Then it blows them straight in to the window and drags them around on the floor.
  • She stirs them around with a spoon of buffalo horn and goes to offer them to the strangers.
  • We could get a few notices printed and stick them around in the windows down town.
  • He led them around to see the other attractions at the little park near the big hotel.
  • Suddenly her own filled; and she put up both arms, linking them around his neck.
  • So making his clothes into a bundle, he tied them around his neck and slipped into the water.
  • In this case, saturate strings with it and tie them around the necks of the dogs and cats.
  • There were many huge bateaux swung upon trucks that had hauled them around the white-water.
  • Maneuvering them around, even when they were practically weightless, was no easy job.
  • Then he called them around him, and all sat down to-geth-er in the pleasant shade.
  • She felt the stiff little square of cardboard between her fingers, and closed them around it fast.
  • Have strings of various lengths and twine them around the table legs, chairs, etc.
  • I think a great deal of them, and, as you see, carry them around with me; they are excellent.
  • In 22A they unpacked a suitcase full of meters and began flashing them around and taking readings.
  • It was so cool that Ben brought their blankets and tucked them around Ralph, who was shivering.
  • He threw his arms around their necks and kissed them on both cheeks and danced them around the room.
  • Neither he nor his family has seen anything of the world at all, and he would take them around to see it.
  • His gaze wandered for the first time from the men in the portico to the crowd without that rimmed them around.
  • Then driving them around on to the main traveled road, he started with them for town some five miles off.
  • A man flashing a dark lantern and armed with a heavy cane came upon them around the corner of the buildings.
  • She opened her eyes and strained them around in a vague dread, but the inside of the chapel was dark as pitch.
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