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  • And what is the theme of each?
  • That was to be the theme of future deliberation.
  • It was a theme of which he never wearied.
  • It is the important theme of the story.
  • The emigrant has been the theme of song and story.
  • The new thing was the theme of their talk.
  • Slavery had been my theme of thought day and night.
  • His valour is the theme of every tongue.
  • Love has been the theme of every age and of every tongue.
  • Where is the first hint of the real theme of the story?
  • These are variations upon the general theme of thievery.
  • Pounds, not perils, were the theme of his song.
  • Madame de Pompadour was the theme of his gallant verses.
  • Shall I address this theme of minstrel lore?
  • The theme of the whole may be read in Hos.
  • He is the great theme of the republican faction in England.
  • How suggestive is this theme of books and the reading of them!
  • From the earliest periods it has been the theme of classical writers.
  • He at once became the theme of all the political and newspaper clubs.
  • The theme of antiseptics ceased to exercise its charm over him.
  • My mind refused to admit any other theme of contemplation than this.
  • The resolution of this paradox is the essential theme of this book.
  • The next theme of conversation was with reference to my education.
  • I returned to my seat and watched the skits which were on the theme of ecology.
  • They are our sunlight, and our brighter theme of conversation.
  • The theme of home is especially sensitive to the effects of music.
  • A theme of unusual grandeur and significance is here greatly treated.
  • Finally, they had filtered down and become the theme of general conversation.
  • Presently we resumed our chat, and the theme of the moment together.
  • His music was the theme of the second, and a number of the following lessons.
  • This may constitute the theme of a small manual which shall hereafter appear.
  • A motive is the text of a musical composition, the theme of its discourse.
  • The general theme of HEIMAT was not original.

How To Use Theme Of In A Sentence?

  • You will have the more time to reflect upon what has hitherto been the theme of our conversations.
  • It will be seen that there is a wearisome sameness in the theme of most of the short poems.
  • The main theme of the present volume is that of the preparation of rubber for the market.
  • It was well known to the ancients and furnished the theme of many a fabulous story.
  • Lowie also reports the common theme of several previous inhabitations of the earth.
  • For a long time to come that would naturally be the theme of any story he undertook to write.
  • The marriage of men of genius forms a theme of no little interest in the history of literature.
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