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Definition of Themes

plural of theme

How To Use Themes In A Sentence?

  • Friendship, patriotism and piety are the noble themes to which he consecrates his strains.
  • The themes are quite able to look after themselves, and to assert themselves at the proper moment.
  • These poems are free reproductions or variations of Hafizian themes and motives.
  • Verse compositions consisting of comments upon themes are in this series called /Sonnets/.
  • Their very themes bear witness to the teaching of Christian asceticism and Christian idealism.
  • Stephen Heller, Rosenhain, Hiller improvisent brillamment sur des thèmes donnés.
  • After we had been grinding out daily themes for three weeks we began to long for something to break the monotony.
  • The general theme is age-old, being not different from the themes of most other novels in that respect.
  • The tempo then quickens and the two themes so far heard are worked up into a brief but tempestuous fugue.
  • The themes have no arbitrary significance attached to them; they are expressive music and tell their own tale.
  • Two of the mysteries of this reign which have long furnished themes for discussion have lately been solved by the ingenuity of modern research.
  • Its tenderness and flavor, size and cheapness, were the themes of universal 20 admiration.
  • There are a thousand themes wherein our hearts can feel alike; and these we 'll discuss together.
  • On each of these themes he builds thousands of explanatory stories, which vary from the grandly imposing to the laughably childish.
  • Meanwhile the tempo gradually accelerates, and the polyphonic texture is helped out by reminiscences of the themes of brooding and of lamentation.
  • Musicians, indeed, carried their profanation so far as to take secular melodies as the themes for masses and motetts.
  • What have the spoils of mortal fight To do with themes 'tis thine to teach?
  • The formal outlines had not been invented, for rules and themes that would work without breaking the rules were little thought of.
  • Songbird also was busy, for in addition to his studies and themes he had been asked by the class to write a poem in honor of the coming occasion.
  • Though these themes are as old as the human race, yet they are ever new, and more interesting to the young than any fiction.
  • All the themes written by the students had been handed in, and Sam found himself free to do as he pleased.
  • These furnished her fancy with themes for thought and dreaming, and stimulated a poetical feeling which seemed inborn, so early did it show itself.
  • A knowledge of the themes and techniques of this Latin poet should therefore be of interest to all students of English poetry.
  • Clearly, were I now to write on the same themes I should have something very different to say and should say it differently.
  • Into it are woven all of the other themes in inextricable whirls and whorls of sound, and in most amazing combinations and permutations of tonalities.
  • Dr. Emil Reich has been lecturing to fashionable London on such universally fascinating themes as woman and love.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Themes | Themes Sentence

  • Many subjects of these themes have been preserved.
  • The themes are theological and metaphysical.
  • We will not think of themes like these!
  • The themes are the horror of my life.
  • Nor were secular themes wholly neglected.
  • Varying themes require varying methods of treatment.
  • To heavenly themes sublimer strains belong.
  • He also suggests the writing of themes and characters.
  • I don't have to worry my head about themes any more.
  • Then we took notes on the varieties of greeting and made up themes about them.
  • His art dealt mainly in themes of emotion as an end in itself.
  • These tombs furnish numberless themes of great interest to the historian.
  • These are fruitful themes of controversy, as unavailing as they are absurd.
  • Such were the themes on which Mr. Pembroke discoursed to Rickie's civil ear.

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