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  • The magic of the dim hour was on them and they gave themselves to the music entire.
  • They had turned themselves inside out, and were things to be intemperately proud of.
  • The others did not trouble themselves about the matter, but continued to make merry.
  • The weather was fine, and they did not at first trouble themselves about any permanent shelter.
  • The advocates of it themselves have laid down a principle, which shows it to be without a reason.
  • Mud huts and bamboo sheds prop themselves against tiled eaves and windowless houses.
  • The amount of tea and goor they took away and consumed with benefit to themselves was surprising.
  • After the lapse of half-an-hour, the wanderers found themselves at the mouth of a stream.
  • He struggled on till past noonday, but no dark cypresses lifted themselves on the sky-line.
  • It is not well applied by them, unless they are authorized to put themselves in the place of God.
  • At the end of three days Randy and Pep prided themselves on having accomplished wonders.
  • Now as they seated themselves this third man arrived and they offered unto him a share of their food.
  • The roofs of the houses had been taken off beforehand by the inhabitants themselves to prevent the enemy from setting them on fire.
  • Having attempted to explain a fact which has no existence, it is no wonder that they should have involved themselves in clouds and darkness.
  • The means may be impure in themselves considered, but they are rendered pure by the cause in which they are employed.
  • Thus, in their zeal to establish their own peculiar dogmas, they place themselves and their cause in the power of the infidel.
  • Before dark those two young men had worked themselves up into a highly complex psychological state of scornful scepticism and alarmed credulity.
  • No one, except those who place themselves beyond the possibility of salvation by their own evil deeds, is ever lost.
  • They were good women, severe to themselves and charitable to others, who cultivated the grace of humility almost in excess.
  • He hurried on with strong, eager footsteps, expecting every moment to see the trees lift themselves against the sky.
  • But God knew that no external means and motives would be sufficient of themselves to form his moral character.
  • As he sat thus on the broken rafter, thinking miserably of the task before him, his eyes fixed themselves on the little window of the hut.
  • The Timariot infantry straggle behind, and quarrel among themselves about the booty which they carry on their shoulders.
  • This last would seem to be the wiser course; but it is one which the Calvinists themselves will not permit us to adopt.
  • Such great, awful shadows threw themselves down the hall, and so many faces seemed darker than they had, clustered in the glooming twilight.
  • They were congratulating themselves on their continued good fortune when Hal Vincent put in an appearance.
  • The Hungarian forces ranged themselves in battle array, with their backs to the churchyard wall, and awaited the attack.
  • The fancy they have for wandering about between sea and sky, when Nature has not enabled them to support themselves in either, is truly wonderful.
  • As to the books themselves they were at least twentieth-hand, and on inspection turned out not worth the very small sum of money I disbursed.
  • The more we look into their writings on this subject, the more irreconcilable seems the conflict of opinion in which they are among themselves involved.
  • But he still kept the paper clutched in his right hand, and his eyes fixed themselves on Gray with something of the look of a trapped wild beast.
  • So fleetly his fingers twisted and untwisted themselves that it was as if he were accustomed to do nothing but sit and weave green rushes the livelong day.
  • They went down the Bay and met the ship at night, but did not show themselves until morning, and then only to Clara.
  • Yet there are people who strictly deprive themselves of each and every eatable, drinkable and smokable which has in any way acquired a shady reputation.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Themselves | Themselves Sentence

  • The same scenes repeated themselves over and over again.
  • The words drilled themselves into his brain with relentless insistency.
  • Another pleasant surprise came as they were settling themselves at the table.
  • Then they found themselves tired enough for a resting spell.
  • Towards morning they found themselves among the Carpathian Alps.
  • His crafty, cruel eyes fixed themselves on Gray's pallid twitching face.

Definition of Themselves

The reflexive case of they, the third-person plural personal pronoun. The group of people, animals, or objects previously mentioned, as the object of a verb or following a preposition (also used for emphasis). | The reflexive case of they, the third-person singular personal pronoun. The single person previously mentioned, as the object of a verb or following a preposition (also used for emphasis).
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