Then He In A Sentence

How To Use Then He In A Sentence?

  • And then he had been shot down.
  • Then he was a soldier.
  • Then he was all right.
  • Then he leaned in again.
  • Then he considered what he should do.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Then He | Then He Sentence

  • Then he was off again.
  • And then he laughed!
  • Then he took some himself.
  • Then he looked at her.
  • Then he held me above them.
  • Then he turned to me again.
  • Then he was again mute.
  • Then he resolved to do so.
  • And then he understood.
  • Then he laughed again.
  • Then he chuckled again.
  • Then he had not forgotten!
  • Then he thought no more about it.
  • Then he warmed to it.
  • Then he roused himself.
  • Then he smiled again.
  • And then he is lost.
  • Then he reasoned with himself.
  • Then he looked again.
  • Then he knew this was not so.
  • Then he drew himself up.
  • Then he spoke again.
  • If then he is admitted.
  • Then he recovered himself.
  • So then he had to be evicted.
  • Then he too disappeared.
  • Then he was worn out.
  • Then he turns to her.
  • Then he pleaded for more.
  • Then he tried them again.
  • Then he went over them all again.
  • Then he sat down again.
  • Then he looked up again.
  • And then he heard it.
  • Then he will be your junior.
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