Then Made In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Then Made | Then Made Sentence

  • It now continues as then made.
  • He then made him a present.
  • I then made my appearance.
  • Further inquiries were then made.
  • Who was it that then made the noise?
  • I then made a discovery.
  • He then made a momentary pause.
  • Venice then made and unmade reputations.
  • He then made a charge for admission.
  • Mike had then made a hundred and three.
  • The deficiency was then made good.
  • They then made their way down the lane.
  • Hipper then made a turn of 180 deg.
  • I then made the best of my way home.
  • But what then, made her so unhappy?
  • He then made me learn the formula by heart.
  • She then made another low curtsey.
  • A halt was then made to wait for the light.
  • I hesitated, then made up my mind.
  • And an unexpected incident then made my dread unnecessary.
  • Pitt was silent, and then made a departure.
  • Bigelow then made a descent upon lying and liars.
  • Deane talked to him for a while, and then made his effort.
  • He then made for the door, not the least abashed.
  • Cheyenne crouched tense, and then made a rush.
  • Then made a brave effort and threw back the question.
  • I hesitated, then made my great venture.
  • You stooped over him, and then made off at full speed.
  • That, then, made his effort useless.
  • We then made mutual signs of greeting, and parted.
  • Bill and Jack then made their way below.
  • No discovery, however, of any importance was then made.
  • He then made himself king of Scotland.
  • Lighting a cigar, he took a puff and then made a wry face.
  • We then made use of a Spanish custom.

How To Use Then Made In A Sentence?

  • I will write them down here from the copy I then made.
  • He poised, wavered, and then made a forward spring.
  • Justin, then, made the pious efforts of his uncle naught.
  • Mrs. Hooper then made the tea.
  • Kit then made signs to the Huskies to lift at their pole.

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