Theology in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Theology

1. The cure for false theology is motherwit. 🔊

2. He was canon and professor of theology at Noyon. 🔊

3. To try theology I feel inclined. 🔊

4. He was professor of theology at Cologne and also at Turin. 🔊

5. Popular theology asserts that it is a mystery which transcends reason. 🔊

6. He went to the American missions after having taught moral theology at Toledo. 🔊

7. In 1849 he came to America, and taught moral theology in Georgetown College. 🔊

8. John Wyclif was Doctor and Professor of Theology at the University of Oxford. 🔊

How to use Theology in Sentences?

1. The principle that matter is indestructible belongs as much to theology as to geology. 🔊

2. One sees beyond their local theology to the passion of a great suffering artist. 🔊

3. The old religion and theology of the Egyptians did not expire in a single day. 🔊

4. Henry Drummond has said that sin is a little word that has wandered out of theology into life. 🔊

5. His theology was somewhat somber, his theory of Christian experience of the most exigent type. 🔊

6. Years of lecturing on Systematic Theology had considerably damaged his vocal apparatus. 🔊

7. Later theology has succeeded in giving more or less subtle and specious explanations of these forms of worship. 🔊

8. He seemed to accept the theology of the time in simple sincerity as a sufficient explanation of the world and human existence. 🔊

9. The walls of the fane are therefore an open book of history, theology and ethics for all men to read. 🔊

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