Thereabout In A Sentence

Definition of Thereabout

near that place, time or date | approximately that number | (obsolete) concerning that; about that

How To Use Thereabout In A Sentence?

  • There would be no petty murderers thereabout when the arch brute came for his drink.
  • So many unearthly sights and sounds had been reported thereabout that nobody would live there.
  • Report affirms, however, that in 1823 and thereabout he was esteemed one of the handsomest young fellows of his day.
  • So we planned, and thereafter went back to the cells and to Dalfin, who woke at noontide or thereabout with a great hunger on him.
  • When I asked him for Quirk, the schoolmaster, who used to live thereabout he gave a mirthless chuckle.
  • Suddenly the animal threw up his great head, and in another instant would have announced his presence to all the country thereabout by a sonorous, far-reaching bray.
  • The Alaska Road Commission has lavished large sums of money upon it, and the four hundred miles or thereabout is made in a week.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thereabout | Thereabout Sentence

  • Every body thereabout was acquainted with him either personally or by hearsay.

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