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  • Punishment therefor threatened, 82.
  • He doeth all kind of errors, so that he is rebuked therefor every day.

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  • And if you are stationed in a high position, are you therefor forthwith set up for a tyrant?
  • He gave up a certain amount of liberty, but received therefor an equivalent in protection.
  • Though he felt exceedingly nervous, he was unable to account therefor or give a reason.
  • He is assigned therefor by the city, that is, the cabildo, to whom the city grants his gratuity.
  • The Chancellor lays down general policy and is responsible therefor to the Reichstag.
  • They demand an organization that is making for its abolition and the substitution therefor of a system of industrial justice.
  • The burden falls upon the men, but the great responsibility therefor rests upon the other side.
  • The aforesaid was proclaimed and notification was given to the encomenderos of this city, and the decrees therefor were sent to the alcaldes-mayor.
  • That which is produced in us by such an agency, be it what it may, is not our virtue, nor is any praise therefor due to us.
  • The greatness of the expenditures therefor cannot frighten him who knows what tremendous sums each week of the war costs the Allies.
  • It found individuals settling questions of honor by a resort to arms, and has substituted therefor a judge, counsel, and a jury.
  • She hadn't attended a function for so long that her costuming therefor was of more concern than had been Amarilly's church raiment.
  • She served him in the capacity of stenographer, receiving therefor the wage of $7.00 a week, a godsend to that lowly household.
  • She displaces whatever there might have been that was noble and generous in his heart, and substitutes therefor her own principles of malice and cruelty.
  • The cause that seems lost rallies to its side the multitudes that no sooner do the wrong than they are smitten with shame therefor and repent thereof.
  • I was promptly informed of this, and urged the president to supply a remedy therefor at once, in order that that pestilential fire should not spread in these islands.
  • It represents the desire to do away with the great variety of wage rates for the same work which frequently exists, and the substitution therefor of a minimum wage rate.
  • Within three years of its establishment it was compelled to suspend payment to its depositors in cash, and issued certificates therefor payable ten per cent.
  • Again, four nobles of high birth were convicted of treason and of the crime of lese-majeste and were legally condemned therefor by the judges to suffer a shameful death.
  • Thomas was out of the penitentiary long enough to go into the army and get a bullet through his ankle, and therefor draws a pension of twenty-four dollars per month.
  • He had given his house into her charge at parting, and when he returned she proudly showed him what she had done to improve its condition, receiving his praises therefor with great delight.
  • Nevertheless, it has seemed to me necessary that his Majesty be informed of the reassignments, and that he have the goodness to issue commands therefor which shall be duly obeyed.
  • This last has come peacefully and has rendered obedience to his Majesty; and in return therefor the said captain has regaled him and will protect him on every occasion.
  • He chose his place early and firmly on the anti-slavery side, but it is absurd and false to say that thenceforward and therefor abolitionism became popular and abolitionists the sought for or the accepted by society.

Definition of Therefor

(obsolete) Therefore, for that or this reason or cause. | (now chiefly in law) For or in return for that.

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