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  • And therewith he departed.
  • And therewith they departed.
  • And therewith ended they their commune.
  • And therewith they went down to the sea.
  • And therewith she wept much.
  • And therewith the queen departed.
  • And therewith they set to changing horses.
  • Say, what therewith to bore?
  • And therewith this queen gave up the ghost and died.
  • And therewith my self-command was almost gone.
  • All this we do, and most often are therewith satisfied.
  • And therewith opened for him a new world of thought.
  • And therewith he made semblant to strike off his head.
  • And therewith the man sighed heavily, as he mused.
  • And therewith he put them a-back, and slew much people.
  • He quotes Schindler, and therewith enough.
  • AND therewith he armed him.
  • And therewith King Lot smote down King Arthur.
  • And he laid him down therewith and seemed to be asleep at once.
  • And therewith he turned back into the house and shut the door.
  • The soul runs riot in its imaginings and therewith the intellect builds.
  • And so he was in a great thought, and therewith he fell asleep.
  • He felt therewith weariness and exhaustion in every bone of his body.
  • Cyprus was occupied, and therewith the command of the sea was assured.
  • And therewith his horse ran away with him, and he fell down to the earth.
  • Help us this day, in whatsoever state we are, therewith to be content.
  • In accordance therewith will your Majesty please signify your will.
  • And therewith I was shown into the room where the lady was expecting me.
  • And therewith Balin stert unto him and took him by the hand.

How To Use Therewith In A Sentence?

  • Often the superstition connected therewith is forgotten in the excitement of the moment.
  • And therewith all the others smote him on his shield great strokes so that their spears brake.
  • And therewith went much of the tenderness of conscience and devout habits of old.
  • And therewith he made so great dole and sorrow that unnethe he might hold him on horseback.
  • And therewith she gave him her hand for a moment, and then vanished down the companion-way.
  • God places us therewith to be content; seeking by prayer and supplication to know his will.
  • And therewith he calmly drew his pipe from his pocket and, filling it, lighted up.
  • And therewith she turned away abruptly, and beat a hasty retreat to the shelter of the tent.
  • And therewith she took the sword from her love that lay dead, and fell to the ground in a swoon.
  • And therewith he rode after the brachet, and he saw lie on the ground a large feute of blood.
  • And once more it is seen that the fear of the Lord and contentment therewith are a precious gain.

Definition of Therewith

With this, that or those. | In addition to that; besides, moreover. | Thereupon, forthwith; with that being said or done.
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