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  • It appeared to have a thermal insulating quality.
  • What a curious phenomenon thermal springs constitute in these parts!
  • These ways are of two general kinds: by thermal and by electromagnetic means.
  • C., and Bacillus mesentericus vulgatus, thermal death-point 60 deg.

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  • The use made of thermal currents is chiefly for determining slight differences of temperature.
  • Had it existed for centuries, the thermal springs would have flowed from its bosom.
  • The change of entropy is, properly speaking, the most characteristic fact of a thermal change.
  • From a mixture of two organisms whose thermal death-points differ by, say, 4 deg.
  • When so used the affected parts may be sponged with the thermal water heated to the prescribed degree.
  • Of these, the thermal deformation of glass which manifests itself by the displacement of the zero of a thermometer is an example.
  • If the temperature rises, the thermal agitation will become great enough to prevent the molecules from remaining linked to the centre.
  • As a matter of fact, there is less heat to be had in thermal units from a horsepower-hour of electricity than from three ounces of coal.
  • The thermal methods simply measure, in some way, the amount of heat which is produced by a received telephone current.
  • The analogy is drawn between the sale of food by calorie and the sale of coal by the British thermal unit.
  • Cunuyacu means hot water, and is descriptive of the place, for there are here several thermal springs welling up from the sand beach.
  • Let us stop in front of the famous baths of Tiflis, the thermal waters of which attain a temperature of 60 degrees centigrade.
  • The whole actual amount of thermal influence, however, is so small that I may rest satisfied with mere mention.
  • This difference of time between the winters and the summers is supposed to be sufficient to change the thermal conditions sufficiently to produce an ice age.
  • The city lies under the southern slope of the Taunus Mountains, the rocky recesses of which conceal the mysteries of its thermal springs.
  • These springs lie at the base of a mountain of no great height, the tract in which these thermal waters is found being about 700 yards in length and 300 in width.
  • Small crystals of recent formation are found on Roman bronze coins in the thermal springs at Bourbonne-les-Bains.
  • Whether it is desirable that it should heat through readily or slowly (coefficient of thermal conductivity) depends on whether it is wanted as a crucible or as a furnace lining.
  • Any disturbances in electrical equilibrium are much more quickly obliterated than in case of thermal equilibrium, and we therefore see less of electrical phenomena than of thermal.
  • The essentials are that it should not melt or crumble at high heat and should not expand and contract greatly under changes of temperature (low coefficient of thermal expansion).
  • Over and above what has been mentioned, thermal effects have been attributed to the vital activity of the leaves in the transudation of water, and even to the respiration and circulation of living wood.
  • Then dimly came the recollection of Eskimo legends concerning thermal springs beyond the desolate and unknown reaches of Grant Land.
  • With the absorption process worked by an efficient boiler, it may be taken that 200,000 thermal units per hour may be eliminated by the consumption of about 100 lb.

Definition of Thermal

Pertaining to heat or temperature. | (fabric) Providing efficient insulation so as to keep the body warm. | Caused, brought about by heat.
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