These Are In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For These Are | These Are Sentence

  • But these are only a few.
  • But these are not all.
  • And these are of them.
  • These are not from me.
  • But these are my only tricks.
  • These are expressions!
  • And these are not illusions.
  • These are our dooryards.
  • I know what these are.
  • These are my confessions.
  • All these are on record.
  • Some of these are very striking.
  • These are his very words.
  • And these are all your shadow.
  • But these are far too few.
  • All these are nothing.
  • These are the deans.
  • All these are now before us.
  • These are very strange.
  • Both these are late.
  • These are her vassals.
  • These are all your shadow.
  • These are the baubles.
  • And these are the leaders!
  • These are the questions.
  • How beautiful these are!
  • These are the bitterest of all.
  • But here these are the exceptions.
  • These are not ravings!
  • These are our friends.
  • These are my holidays.
  • Among these are the following.
  • These are not charities.
  • These are for recitation.
  • But these are representative of all.

How To Use These Are In A Sentence?

  • These are now completed.
  • These are your children?
  • These are her very words.
  • These are our neighbors.
  • These are other armies.
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