These Events In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For These Events | These Events Sentence

  • How wonderful are these events!
  • What conditions postpone these events?
  • On these events was this lay composed.
  • The sultana was very unhappy over these events.
  • Neither of these events had taken place.
  • These events are unseen on the earth.
  • These events will be ordered by something.
  • These events cannot in reason be separated.
  • These events seem possible at present.
  • Can we fix these events infallibly in our memories?
  • Naturally these events heartened the steel workers.
  • I relate these events in the order in which they occurred.
  • These events produced the congress of 1774.
  • All these events had passed within a few seconds of time.
  • My lord, can you unriddle these events?
  • Soon after these events, he fell into disgrace.
  • These events all belong frankly to the realm of fairyland.
  • It was on a Saturday that these events had taken place.
  • These events happened on the eighteenth of February.
  • All these events created a tremendous stir in Yotsuya.
  • These events took place on the 14th of September, 1882.
  • To these events the date A.D. 516 is assigned.
  • But in spite of these events there was no real reconciliation.
  • Constantine and others of his time describe these events thus.
  • It was just three o'clock when these events happened.
  • I have heard descriptions of several of these events from eyewitnesses.
  • There is certainly no remoteness nor obscurity about the scene of these events.
  • Each of these events occupies its own aggregate of event-particles.
  • Our fairy-tale presents these events in their legendary transformation.
  • In some of these events of the later years the writer had a personal share.
  • This line describes the year when these events shall happen.
  • Now, observe how beautifully all these events work in together!
  • But all these events happened beyond our reach, and we were helpless.
  • Very strange, that in this one season both of these events befell us!
  • I am quite bewildered with these events, and can no longer command my ideas.

How To Use These Events In A Sentence?

  • In mentioning these events give briefly reasons for considering them important.
  • There must be a cause that lies behind these events, and of which they are but the effects.
  • There is great doubt as to whether these events belong to the year 1448 or 1449.
  • While these events were passing, other portions of the state were being prepared for defense.
  • These events could not be let pass without notice from either the pious or the timorous.

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