These Two In A Sentence

How To Use These Two In A Sentence?

  • So she wavered between these two sentiments.
  • And then these two knights each welcomed other.
  • Think of the wife and these two lasses.
  • These two races were as unlike then as they are now.
  • Take these two little boxes.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For These Two | These Two Sentence

  • And so these two were.
  • But what were these two?
  • What was there between these two?
  • Now where are these two inches?
  • That was all there was of contract between these two.
  • He was afraid of these two.
  • Look upon these two.
  • Repeat these two rows.
  • There is a distinction between these two.
  • These two were grown up.
  • Which is to be preferred of these two?
  • Such was the case with these two.
  • Still there is a distinction between these two.
  • And he has no other alternative than these two.
  • How these two chatted!
  • And what are these two questions?
  • And these two were all they killed.
  • Could he outlast these two?
  • Friction between these two began at once.
  • Look at these two sitting up!
  • There is no connection between these two.
  • Beside these two classes there is none.
  • Are these two views irreconcilable?
  • Thus peace is restored between these two.
  • And what is the quality of each of these two sentences?
  • These two women were banished.
  • And that these two should have thought of such a thing!
  • These two ideas exclude each other.
  • These two will be made an example of.
  • These two understood each other thoroughly.
  • Between these two was a singular rivalry.
  • If we did it, these two can do it.
  • These two were all that the cottage contained.
  • These two strangers were not known.
  • Both these two were single men.
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