These Words In A Sentence

How To Use These Words In A Sentence?

  • Than are you with these words of mine.
  • These words themselves were a surprise to him.
  • Rob bounded at these words.
  • Hal started at these words.
  • With these words he led him into it.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For These Words | These Words Sentence

  • It is in these words.
  • With these words he left me.
  • He was hurt by these words.
  • And with these words he set out once more.
  • I have inserted these words.
  • Lois did not reply to these words.
  • Angela started at these words.
  • For both of them these words were true.
  • Who had written these words?
  • John was stupefied at these words.
  • I have added these words.
  • But when were these words uttered?
  • With these words she sat down.
  • Look at these words carefully.
  • But what is indicated by these words?
  • And with these words they parted.
  • And with these words he died.
  • And with these words she disappeared.
  • Barbara was persuaded by these words.
  • Barbara did not speak these words.
  • I looked up at these words.
  • These words were heard.
  • Yudhishthira these words of mine.
  • And with these words she vanished.
  • I write these words to you.
  • God bless you for these words.
  • Deign to receive these words.
  • And with these words she was gone.
  • Now keep these words.
  • These words brought him to himself.
  • With these words she disappeared.
  • What power in these words!
  • With these words they parted.
  • With these words he departed.
  • There should have been no necessity for these words.
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