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  • Theseus corrects him at once.
  • Theseus aut praemia laudis.
  • Theseus deserted her last night.
  • Theseus took her from a temple in which she was dancing.
  • Theseus, behold us falling at thy feet.
  • They were slain by Theseus.
  • And Theseus is not here to pity me.
  • Synoikismos des Theseus 45.
  • And Theseus graved their everlasting league.
  • Will Theseus turn in fury on the speaker?
  • So for a while that charge did Theseus faithfully cherish.
  • But Theseus feels differently on both points.
  • Theseus 45; Theseusfest 119.
  • Ariadne sitting desolate awaiting the returning of Theseus.
  • But trifle not with love, my sportful Theseus.
  • Only my maiden thoughts were perfect, Theseus.
  • It is that of Theseus and that of Sigurd.
  • He seemed glued to the trap, like Theseus to the rock.
  • Could Theseus so make mirth of Ariadne?
  • Saved by the arm Of Theseus and his most dear ministers.
  • Lord Theseus, child of Aegeus, our late king.
  • Theseus accepts his mother's charge.
  • Haste hither Theseus, noblest among men! ANT.
  • P. Theseus, var.
  • Behind the sculptor is placed the mutilated statue of Theseus.
  • Theseus 110 Nequiquam vanis iactantem cornua ventis.
  • He shrouds himself in his mantle and silently waves Theseus away.
  • Achilles is had in the greatest honour among them, and next to him Theseus.
  • Heracles is touched: he thanks Theseus and is now ready to die.
  • Wrecked with false lights on Theseus' rocky heart!
  • O false Theseus, that thou leavest me on this desolate strand?
  • Centauromachy, | | exploits of Theseus.
  • Either of these men might have sat to Pheidias for the Theseus.
  • In his first rage with the Nurse he vows he will tell Theseus of her proposal.
  • Academus was a local hero, connected with the legend of Theseus and Helen.

How To Use Theseus In A Sentence?

  • Theseus sailed into conflict with the enemy with black sails set, a signal of battle and of death.
  • Theseus has been his friend in many hard days and Heracles dares not face him nor speak to him.
  • Athens was now too great and too self-conscious to allow Theseus to lie on foreign soil.
  • When craving to contend against the savage monster Theseus faced death or the palm of praise.
  • A single thread it was that solved for Theseus the mystery of the Cretan labyrinth.
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