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  • They argued the question.
  • They argued with him in vain.
  • They argued with him acridly.
  • They argued weakness in him.
  • They argued pretty fiercely.
  • For an hour they argued the great question.
  • They argued that it was theirs, because they found it.
  • So they argued, and completed their plans.
  • They argued together; they prayed apart.
  • They argued, caroused and fought continually.
  • It was good exercise, at all events, they argued.
  • They argued that English is progressive.
  • All they saw that was good in the villages, they argued long about.
  • They argued the point no more, but started off, rather downhearted.
  • They argued over this for a while, and Aronsen grew more excited than ever.
  • They argued and sometimes fought over the umpire's decision.
  • I fell asleep while they argued over the points of Will's strategy.

How To Use They Argued In A Sentence?

  • They argued among themselves for twenty-four hours without coming to any conclusion.
  • They argued the question for some time; but at last the commander yielded the point.
  • Surely there could be no mistake, they argued, as to what the dramatist himself intended.
  • They argued that seismic disturbances of such intensity come once in fifty or one hundred years.
  • For, they argued, if it were not so, a poor religious would not have the courage to do so much.
  • Surely, they argued, if these gods were disturbed, disaster to the nation must inevitably follow.
  • The old man must have been the devil, they argued, and he had helped the Yankees to escape.
  • Thus, probably, they argued; becoming reconciled, in process of time, to the terrible novelty.
  • As it was, the Old Jago was a very convenient, comfortable sort of place, they argued.
  • And so they argued and argued, each insisting in the most polite way that the other should go first.
  • They argued that the school was founded for day-boys, and that it's intolerable to handicap them.
  • The strike would be over in a little while, they argued, but the struggling shop-keeper had his own to look after.
  • They argued from the tramp nature to inevitable results, and declared it would be a mercy if she were not murdered in her bed.
  • They argued that Austria with her miscellaneous races could only survive if one of them was supreme.
  • Iron was too expensive, they argued; furthermore the mountains of the country rendered extensive railroading impossible.
  • At the same time they argued with their friends and relatives and acquaintances in the crowd, telling them to be careful and not cause blood-shed.
  • It was all very well to have command of the sea, they argued, but it did not appear to alleviate perceptibly the hunger and privations on land.
  • They argued with serious zeal whether a girl should wear an olive-drab suit this year if she wanted to look really smart.
  • It was scarcely possible, they argued, that the man seen running crazily about had escaped a mortal hurt.
  • The officers at Prescott shook their heads and endeavored to dissuade him, but the more they argued the more determined was he.
  • They argued that in these cases the obvious always proved erroneous, and the theory most transparently rational seldom led the way to the truth.
  • Thus they argued and disputed with one another; for hardly any one is generous, in defeat, to those with whom he has acted.
  • In fact, they argued that CSS was not really designed to protect DVDs against illicit copying.
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