They Choose In A Sentence

How To Use They Choose In A Sentence?

  • She realised that there is nothing to prevent nights from doing this if they choose.
  • In all some fifty persons have a standing invitation, and come when they choose.
  • They choose slavery and inequality; and all the other evils are automatically added to them.
  • Nowhere are travellers expected to pay for meals at hotels unless they choose to take them.
  • Hymns are so announced as to make it easy for all to join in singing them, if they choose.
  • My notion is that the ancients could make the river flow here or not, just as they choose.
  • The jinns can assume any form they choose, and are often met with in the shape of serpents.
  • Before they begin their work, they choose their best nib (which always takes some time).
  • If you'll wait thirty days you'll get a bank-check or cash, just as they choose.
  • They choose a judge, and the judge, whoever wins, takes the stakes, the loser of course paying.
  • Could citizens of foreign birth refuse To give our Native Daughters what they choose?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For They Choose | They Choose Sentence

  • And whom did they choose?
  • And go the way they choose.
  • Most men can ride hard if they choose.
  • They can call slavery by what name they choose!
  • I do not know why they choose me to share in their misery.
  • Therefore they choose a small number to act for them.
  • Offered to let them assemble here, if they choose.
  • They shall be slaves or wives, as they choose.
  • They repeat it several times, if they choose.
  • Each year they choose one of the aldermen to be lord mayor.
  • But, after all, let them say what they choose.
  • Do not my people serve God as they choose?
  • They cannot have what they choose, but only which they choose.
  • But they know when they choose to have that experience that they need it.
  • And now the slanderous tongues of the neighborhood can wag all they choose!
  • For those parts which have felt will complain, if they choose.
  • May good citizens always keep out of the courts if they choose?
  • Others may listen to that if they choose when the proper time comes.
  • It's revealing to see who they choose to mock.
  • The girls can talk quietly and confidentially, if they choose.
  • People may say what they choose; it is quite indifferent to me.
  • The verses seem to follow his heart and fancy just where they choose to lead.
  • A dreadful offence truly, that they choose their own markets!
  • He was a short man, but one of those who seem tall when they choose to do so.
  • When they choose to seek them, they must have secure hiding-places.
  • Each time proofreaders go to the website, they choose the book they want.
  • Blondes may, if they choose, wear yellows in harmony with their hair.
  • Those who detect irony in Comedy do so because they choose to see it in life.
  • If they choose to come and act under my very nose, why, I must see the play.
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