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  • What did they represent?
  • They represent lightning.
  • They represent a fortune in themselves.
  • They represent spirit and matter.
  • Do they represent the women of our land?
  • They represent multitudes of others.
  • Look at them now, and what they represent!
  • They represent eternal virtue.
  • They represent the chromo stage of development.
  • They represent war in its most significant moments.
  • They attract the life they represent and interpret.
  • Residence one year in the towns they represent.
  • Nations seek them long after they represent real values.
  • They stand for no facts; they represent no realities.
  • They represent a cause, which is dear to my heart!
  • Again, they represent him as a female with three heads.
  • They represent, however, two essentially different things.
  • They represent 28 counties of Missouri, and four states.
  • We may readily perceive that they represent tadpoles (Fig.
  • They are simply the servants of the journals they represent.
  • The foreign jurors have to see for the millions they represent.
  • They represent the only perfect mining machine ever invented.
  • They represent the class of youth that is a stratum or two above hooliganism.
  • They represent merely the official governmental side of the work.
  • They represent such who have taken the outward profession but lack the reality.
  • I tell you, they represent all that is best in you and in the whole family.
  • Nevertheless, they represent a genuine passage of play into work.
  • For telegraph service, they represent the present standard practice.
  • All these works, while they represent action, are also ordered.
  • They represent all the wealthy and influential Turkish families.
  • Age, twenty-five years; residents of the counties they represent.
  • They represent, however, stadia of culture rather than national character.

How To Use They Represent In A Sentence?

  • These exchanges are really the central markets for the commodities they represent.
  • Their value consists in what they represent of the labors and industries of men.
  • They represent the conscientious devotion of their composers to their loftiest ideals.
  • Sports might be criticised by some because they represent non-productive expenditure of energy.
  • But one has only to look at them to see that they represent idiosyncrasies, not classes.
  • Enormous as these numbers are, they represent probably a very conservative estimate of the loss.
  • The stanzas in italic are a kind of refrain; they represent the music of the youngest son.
  • If by chance they represent competing interests, they must either leave the field or be crushed.
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