They Then In A Sentence

How To Use They Then In A Sentence?

  • They then went back to the palace.
  • They then lay all the tally-rods on the space between them.
  • They then went back into the ball room.
  • They then began to speak of another matter.
  • They then embraced each other, and he left.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For They Then | They Then Sentence

  • Meanwhile where were they then?
  • Have they then been discharged?
  • They then sailed again.
  • And what did they then see?
  • They then picked him up.
  • They then bowed to each other.
  • They then were led out of the hall.
  • They then entered the shop.
  • Were they then so much more religious than we are?
  • They then changed forms.
  • They then exhorted each other not to be disheartened.
  • They then do poor work.
  • They then lowered themselves from the window.
  • They then set out on their journey.
  • Are they then good pioneers?
  • They then went on deck.
  • They then entered the house together.
  • In short, where are they then?
  • They then require prompt treatment.
  • They then claimed and received the rum.
  • They then came out into a corn field.
  • They then settled the details of the departure.
  • They then made their way down the lane.
  • They then placed a cart over the opening.
  • They then painted their faces and bodies.
  • They then disappeared towards the south.
  • They then called the corporal of the guard.
  • They then set off in quest of pearls.
  • They then retreated to the interior of the underbrush.
  • They then commenced throwing bombs.
  • They then looked at some laurel-bushes.
  • They then went on drinking immoderately.
  • They then walked on in silence for some time.
  • They then burnt two villages.
  • They then walked on for some time in silence.
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