They Understand In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For They Understand | They Understand Sentence

  • When will they understand?
  • Neither did they understand it all.
  • Would they understand?
  • They understand that we are friends!
  • They understand plates.
  • So little did they understand me!
  • So they understand and believe.
  • They understand consciousness.
  • And they understand and let him do it.
  • They understand their work.
  • They understand the difference between fire and water.
  • They understand their very existence depends upon it.
  • And they understand one another good.
  • Girls never love fellows they understand.
  • How could they understand such medieval work?
  • You understand them, and they understand you.
  • Would they understand, and believe in her?
  • Will they understand, will they be able to understand?
  • Couldn't they understand he didn't want to talk?
  • They understand what I am doing.
  • They understand but little English.
  • I think in Mariposa they understand kings perfectly.
  • I think they understand the out-and-out Radical better.
  • They understand.
  • They understand it.
  • Values in paper do not tempt them nor do they understand them.
  • Don't think they understand me.
  • They understand transcription, but not what they transcribe.
  • But he has a way with him that gets people till they understand him.
  • The one who came from the place where they understand these things was right.
  • They have always known these people, and they understand them.
  • Flowers are a part of love and the wooing of it, and they understand.
  • Did they understand how much depended upon the rescue of the devoted town?
  • There is no need for explanations; they understand one another.
  • They have but one song, but they understand that perfektly well.
  • In all the clouds of dust and smoke around them, how can they understand?
  • If we talk to children in instinctive faith, they understand us.

How To Use They Understand In A Sentence?

  • They understand that what they are doing is preparing the way for this next step.
  • This is their mental plane and they give and take nothing higher than that which they understand.
  • Why does the audience always feel that they understand the situation better than the actor?
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