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  • I bore her off into the thickness of the forest.
  • Nutshell thickness varied somewhat.
  • The relative thickness of the rubber.
  • Its greatest depth or thickness is 5 feet.
  • Only the thickness of the door separated the two men.
  • The average husk thickness is around 1/4 inch.
  • There is a limit to the thickness of the sheet which can be produced.
  • The condition also is provided if the thickness of the crepe is excessive.
  • A large aumbry is formed by a recess in the thickness of the wall.
  • Bi th' thickness ov its hide.
  • A passage contrived in the thickness of the wall led to some distant outlet.
  • Shaft thick basally, thickness 1/3 or more of greatest breadth 7 6.
  • Really there are three factors: (1) Relative thickness of rubber.

How To Use Thickness In A Sentence?

  • The purpose of this procedure is to reduce the thickness of the coagulum gradually.
  • Many sheets are folded together and measured to see if the thickness is regular.
  • Pompey was taken up for dead, but his wool and the thickness of his scull saved him.
  • The height is a little over three feet and a half, and the thickness sixteen inches.
  • The clerestory gallery is, on each side of the choir proper, quite in the thickness of the wall.
  • The husk of shagbark varies in thickness from 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch in thickness when dry.
  • This thickness of coagulum, when prepared from latex not exceeding a standard of 1-1/2 lbs.
  • The rings are banded, bright or dark, and vary in thickness from 40 to 250 miles.
  • As the place where we had passed the night was too much exposed, we moved up into the thickness of the woods.
  • Lateral processes separated from tip of shaft by less than the thickness of the lateral process 11 10.
  • This opinion is supported by the existence of the narrow gallery, now blocked up, in the thickness of the wall.
  • In the deepest place it is one hundred feet high, and the thickness at the bottom is eighty-eight feet.
  • It is necessary, therefore, to guard against the possibility of variations in thickness caused by faulty manipulation.
  • Nutshell thickness varied between 1/2 and 2 millimeters; the more angled the nut, the thicker the shell.
  • The yield from a branch of the thickness of the finger is estimated at one pound, and a beginner will strip thirty such branches in a day.
  • The large stone coffins were of immense thickness and weight; they had long previously been broken open and turned into charnel-houses.
  • The coagulum is too porous, will not stand handling, and the resultant sheet is too thin unless an abnormal thickness of coagulum is prepared.
  • The face of it was smooth steel, and there was probably a dense thickness of stonework on the other side, to match the cellar walls of the house.
  • The thickness of the husk effectively concealed the true shape of the nut beneath; the thinnest husks most nearly conforming to the true nut shape.
  • This whip was made of braided strands of walrus hide, and tapered from a thickness of two inches at the butt to one long single strand at the tip.
  • Some of the great blocks are 10 or 12 feet in length, 4 or 5 feet in thickness and width, and would weigh many tons.
  • Sometimes a thickness of paper is placed around each layer of wire in order to further guard against the breaking down of the insulation between layers.
  • An' he wint forward by the thickness av a man's body, havin' turned the Paythan undher him.
  • This is also said to be the measure of the depth or thickness of each heaven and each earth, and of the distance between each heaven or earth and that next above or below it.
  • If we propose to ourselves the formation of a sugar-basin of semi-circular shape, of what thickness must the metal be in order that it may not bend when lifted?
  • Working with standard latex it is found that strips of coagulum 1-1/2 inches in thickness require little rolling to produce sheets of desirable thickness.
  • In it are found calamites varying from the thickness of a straw to a diameter of two or three feet, and as round as when swayed by the wind of untold ages ago.

Definition of Thickness

(uncountable) The property of being thick (in dimension). | (uncountable) A measure of how thick (in dimension) something is. | (countable) A layer.
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