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Definition of Thigh

The upper leg of a human, between the hip and the knee. [from 8th c.] | That part of the leg of vertebrates (or sometimes other animals) which corresponds to the human thigh in position or function; the tibia of a horse, the tarsus of a bird; the third leg-section of an insect. [from 14th c.]

How To Use Thigh In A Sentence?

  • In each of them the thigh line is exactly half way between the top of the head and the foot.
  • The osteology and the thigh musculature; their bearing on classification and phylogeny.
  • Tegakwita caught his wrist, and then it was nigh to stabbing his own thigh as they fought for it.
  • Still, shocks and bruises were not few, and one gentleman had his thigh broken.
  • He falls back on queer etymological explanations of the birth of Dionysus from the thigh of Zeus.
  • The Aztec celebrant, we saw, wore a mask made of the skin of the thigh of the human victim.
  • And in that throng he smote down the King of Northgalis, and brake his thigh in that fall.
  • The horse that had belonged to the officer of chasseurs had received a bullet in the thigh during the fighting.
  • This separates the buckles of the girths, and makes a smooth flat bearing for the thigh of the rider.
  • The thigh had been shattered too far up for amputation, and the only faint hope had been that the bones might reunite.
  • He was sent home so wasted from ulceration of stomach and bowels that he actually spanned his thigh with thumb and finger.
  • The thigh was almost shot away, and from the place where the bullet through his chest came out the lung projected.
  • She put her hand on the upper, inside part of her thigh and when she brought it away there was blood on her fingers.
  • Here is a little white spot on the middle of the thigh which looks like a patch of small crystals from a drop of the solution.
  • This cut stopped, he is at your mercy, and you may cut him in halves or crimp his thigh at your leisure.
  • He was occasionally convulsed with excessive pain; for the nerves of the thigh had been much lacerated, and the bone terribly shattered.
  • A tenth of an inch more or less, a slight difference in the sweep of a line in order to mark more strongly the junction of the thigh and the knee.
  • Quickly he pushed the clout aside on his thigh that all might see, nodded gravely, and proudly tapped his breast.
  • Broke 'is thigh in two places, that it did, and kep 'im in 'orspital three months.
  • He walked rather slowly till he reached the corner of the lane, and there he paused, slapping his thigh as he suddenly remembered something.
  • And he smote them hip and thigh with a great slaughter: and he went down and dwelt in the cleft of the rock of Etam.
  • He was lame of one leg, and this was accounted for by a terrible scar, inches deep, which ran down the thigh from hip to knee.
  • But as the day wore on, and the room grew hot and close, and the pain in his thigh became more grievous, the frame of his mind altered.
  • A man had climbed out of the after hatch and was walking rapidly towards them, a rifle in his hands, while at his thigh swung a Colt.
  • I kicked de Sousa awake, and he cursed me, because my toe landed once or twice on his thigh where the bullet wounded him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thigh | Thigh Sentence

  • Mallow slapped his thigh as he laughed.
  • Malvey slapped his thigh and guffawed.
  • Curly slapped his thigh in sudden understanding.
  • The surgeons cut the ball from his thigh yesterday.
  • My right arm was numb and my left thigh was aching.
  • Lord Lindsay was shot through the thigh bone, and fell.
  • Then he smote his thigh with ecstasy and danced about the floor.
  • He had blankets on, and had never mentioned that his thigh was broken.
  • It seemed to rise into his thigh and the leg felt wrenched from its socket.
  • And, smiting his thigh anew, he went off into another fit of laughter.
  • He slapped his thigh in huge delight as Terence unfolded his budget.
  • The waist is a little above the thigh line, and is so drawn in Figure 4.
  • The thigh of Zeus is to be interpreted as "the cool moist clouds".
  • Another German bullet found its mark below deck in the thigh of the Goanese.
  • His left thigh twinged sharply--there was blood here also.

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