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  • He stopped in front of a chair where a very thin young lady was reclining languidly.
  • I noticed here and there a door or a shutter, and a thin column of smoke rising from some chimney.
  • The poor girl looked thin and worn, and spoke to me of her adventures with a woeful countenance.
  • Through the open window a breeze entered, bringing the thin restless wail of the baby.
  • The first restoring fact I experienced was the thin yet rich vibration of that very violin.
  • A rigid framework of aluminium, a number of drum-shaped gas bags, and a thin outer cover.
  • Beneath her smile, the shadows of the past could take no shape, but vanished, thin and pale.
  • Her cold, thin lips, pale eyes, and lean figure gave me a singular impression of voracious hunger.
  • The front and rear electrodes of this instrument are formed of thin carbon disks shown in solid black.
  • It was the girl who preceded him upstairs carrying an iron lamp from the naked flame of which ascended a thin thread of smoke.
  • For this purpose thin bond paper, saturated with paraffin, has been found to be the best dielectric.
  • Where there should have been blood, there was a clean break of a substance that was not flesh; and a curl of thin golden-copper wire.
  • I saw her hands folded over each other, and, suddenly, they looked to me very thin and white and very weary.
  • The fate of those in the second category is more pathetic; they gradually wither and die away like flowers planted in a thin soil.
  • They consisted merely of skins stretched over thin stays of wood, were very light, and drew very little water.
  • It is necessary to separate the successive layers of a magnet that is wound with enamel wire, by sheets of paper or thin oiled cloth.
  • Ordinarily these are of thin sheet metal (foil) interleaved with an insulating material, such as paper or mica.
  • A large bosom, and two thin arms showing beneath the opera cloak, which she has not yet thrown from her shoulders.
  • His face, with its thin austere features and its kindly expression, showed the dryness that comes less from age than from quality.
  • Her eyes were very soft; there was a faint smile on her thin pink lips which gave the look of coldness, of reticence to her face.
  • Her mind was thin but firm, and having received a backward twist in its youth, it had remained inflexibly bent for more than sixty years.
  • The perspiration poured from his face for a moment, and then his veins seemed to carry for a while a thin stream of half, frozen blood.
  • Another spot, numbered ten, stood outside the circle, but was connected thereto by a thin curved line.
  • A sudden gloom had come over his soul, and it even affected his appetite, whetted keen by the cold, thin air.
  • A thin old man, with a rag-bag in his hand, was picking up a number of small pieces of whalebone, which lay on the street.
  • She was wearing a short nankin skirt, a muslin blouse; he could see through the thin stuff the skin of her shoulders, of her arms.
  • His sensitive thin ears, made to hear every scratch, can detect the rasping of the retired grub, feasting in apparent security below.
  • He was a tall thin man of middle age, with a striking appearance and the straight composed features of an early American portrait.
  • It was a thin November day: leaves were whirling on the lawn, and at that moment one blew rustling down the window-pane.
  • And now they were alike only in their long, graceful figures, in their thin Roman features, in their general air of urbane distinction.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Thin | Thin Sentence

  • She is very thin and weak.
  • The coat was thin and shiny.
  • And a thin answer came from the slope above.
  • There was a sardonic grin on his thin peaked face.
  • He raised his thin arm: the overture began.
  • But, of course, we are skating on rather thin ice.
  • Renouard let the thin summer portiere of the doorway fall behind him.
  • On this day Brant was an inspiring figure to his thin line of warriors.
  • But Mr. Horton's thin lips parted in a wolfish smile.
  • You've really grown thin and pale lately," I added.

Definition of Thin

Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite. | Very narrow in all diameters; having a cross section that is small in all directions. | Having little body fat or flesh; slim; slender; lean; gaunt.
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